Newcastle fan exposes himself with shocking ‘helicopter’ celebration after winning goal

A Newcastle fan took celebrating to a whole new level when Allan Saint-Maximin’s struck a late FA Cup winner at Oxford.

The Frenchman smashed in a fine solo effort at the end of extra-time to send the Toon through – and one fan got a bit too excited. In bizarre footage caught live on BBC One the fan was spotted hurtling toward the pitch surrounded by ecstatic revelers.

And as he approached the advertising signs, rather than hug one of his fellow fans, the man decided to expose himself. He pulled up his jacket, pulled down his pants and started shaking his manhood for all to see.

And as if the obscene celebration was not surreal enough, the electronic ad below can be seen displaying an advert for Viagra. Unfortunately for the BBC who were broadcasting the game live, their commentators inadvertently added to the comedy value.

As the footage was being shown, they can be heard saying: “That is right out of the top drawer.”

Before the co-commentator chipped in with: “Something special could be happening here.”

The cameras quickly cut away when the culprit became clear among the carnage.

Allan Saint-Maximin even tweeted a hilarious meme himself after seeing the footage with the caption: “Me after seeing the helicopter celebration.”