Best ski resorts for people who don’t ski

It may be peak skiing season, but the winter sport isn’t for everyone. 

If you’re looking for the perfect winter vacation to appeal to both the skiers and non-skiers in your life, you should consider checking out these resorts. 

Travel Awaits, a travel magazine for people who are 50 and over, published a list of “10 Winter Resorts And Towns Even Non-Skiers Will Love” in November. 

Below are the top five towns on Travel Awaits’ list. 

1. Sun Valley, Idaho

According to Travel Awaits, the Sun Valley Resort has luxury accommodations, delicious food, countless outdoor activities and a “world-class spa.” The resort is also reportedly known for having uncrowded ski slopes, the magazine reported.

2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Aside from the incredible skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, there’s also plenty of shopping, spas and restaurants in downtown Jackson Hole, according to Travel Awaits. 

3. Breckenridge, Colorado

According to Travel Awaits, the Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of Colorado’s most popular ski destinations. However, the town of Breckenridge also offers plenty for non-skiers, including craft breweries, historic architecture, walking tours and shopping, Travel Awaits reported. 

4. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Aside from amazing slopes, Taos promises delicious food and heritage sites.
Aside from amazing slopes, Taos promises delicious food and heritage sites.
Liam Doran/Taos Ski Valley

Travel Awaits reported that Taos, New Mexico, has delicious food and “endless galleries and museums” for people who love art. Nearby landmarks include the Taos Pueblo, a Native American community and UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, the travel magazine reported.

5. Stowe Mountain, Vermont

Aside from skiing at the Stowe Mountain Resort, there is still plenty to do for non-skiers. According to Travel Awaits, fatbiking – biking through snowy trails on bicycles with wide tires – is a popular non-skiing activity. There’s also plenty of other activities in nearby towns, Travel Awaits reported.