Young woman’s period lasts for 4 months

A UK woman who once had a period that lasted four months has told how her menstrual cycles are ruining her life.

Izzy Hawksworth, 21, experiences excruciating cramps, becomes really bloated and has extremely heavy periods that can last from five days to a couple of months.

Almost every type of contraception has made her ill and she once had a period that lasted a whopping four months when she was on the implant.

Izzy Hawksworth has had a period last for four months, leading doctors to scratch their heads. Izzy Hawksworth / SWNS

Izzy has had ultrasounds, MRI scans and a laproscopy — a surgery used to examine a woman’s pelvic organs and stomach — to find the cause of her symptoms. 

But she’s tested negative for endometriosis, a disease where tissue lining grows outside the uterus and adenomyosis, where it grows into the uterus muscular wall.

Doctors also thought Izzy might have a chronic illness called pelvic congestion syndrome or uterine arteriovenous formations, a rare cause of heavy bleeding.

Izzy Hawksworth, 21, has an extremely heavy period that can last anywhere from a week to a few months. Izzy Hawksworth / SWNS

But she’s also tested negative for this, which has baffled medics and left Izzy feeling ‘lonely’ and like she’s the only person in the world experiencing the mystery pains.

Izzy, a writer, of Sheffield, South Yorks., said: “In a way, I feel quite lonely because nobody understands how I’m feeling. 

“None of my friends or family have periods that are like mine, so I feel like it’s just me who is in this situation.

“I’m also petrified that I’ll decide I want a baby in the future but then I’ll have fertility issues because of all of my symptoms.

“I feel like my period actually ruins my life — I’m in constant pain and there’s nothing that I can do to relieve that pain.

Izzy’s intense periods leave her feeling lonely because no one else knows her level of pain. Izzy Hawksworth / SWNS

“My cramps even wake me up in the night and I get so bloated that I sometimes look pregnant.

“It also really affects my mental health – I am constantly looking in the mirror crying because I can’t believe I’ll have to go through this forever.

“I try my best to keep living my life as normal but it’s so hard when I have to go everywhere with a hot water bottle on my stomach.”

Izzy says her constant period pains ruin her life. Izzy Hawksworth / SWNS

Izzy began having painful periods when she was just 11 and started using the contraceptive patch when she was 16.

Since then, she’s tried numerous types of the pill, the implant and the injection, but they have all made her bleed irregularly and left her in severe pain.

After asking her GP to refer her to a gynecologist numerous times, she was forced to go private through her dad’s healthcare insurance. 

Izzy said: “The doctors never listened to me about my symptoms.

“I would make an appointment with them because I was bleeding and they would just make me change the type of contraception I was on. 

“I went on the implant and it absolutely ruined my life – I was on my period for months and never got a break.

Izzy has seen a number of doctors and undergone several procedures without many results. Izzy Hawksworth / SWNS

“I felt like my pain was constantly being dismissed, I would be begging them for a referral and they wouldn’t do it.

“They only agreed to refer me when they realised I had tried every type of contraception available to me and there was nothing else they could give me.”

Izzy has now been told she needs to try and find a type of contraception that helps her manage her periods.

But she added: “I had an appointment with the surgeon and he asked me what my fertility plans were. 

“I’m 21, I don’t have any plans to have a child anytime soon. 

“I’ve essentially got to manage my symptoms until I decide to have a baby as they’ve said my periods could be better after that – but that just feels impossible to do. 

“I don’t know how I will be able to survive another 10 years of feeling like this, it actually feels impossible.”

Janet Lindsay, chief executive of Wellbeing of Women, says that women have been dismissed with their period pain for ‘far too long.’

She said: “For too long women and girls have been dismissed despite experiencing severe pain and heavy bleeding which can disrupt their lives, relationships, school and careers. 

“They are not receiving the treatment, care and emotional support they need to manage these common yet debilitating problems despite effective treatment options being available. 

“Our “Just a Period” campaign seeks to address the unacceptable normalisation of heavy and painful periods, and make sure there is good information and education available for anyone who needs it.”