Why this exclusive celeb-infested Bahamas hideout is for lovers

Word is getting out about one of the best kept secrets in the Bahamas thanks to some bold faced names.

Just a 20-minute flight from Miami, lies a scythe-shaped island off Andros ringed by white sands and dotted with palm trees that celebrities like Sofia Vergara and her husband Joe Manganiello call their second home.

It’s also where elites like Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian spent their 2017 honeymoon frolicking in the ocean and exploring the Great Andros Barrier Reef, the third largest reef in the world.

Welcome to Kamalame Cay, the 96-acre island just off Andros, which many in the know are calling “the new Mustique” and honeymooners are calling heaven.

Comprised of just 20 oceanfront villas and eight one-bedroom bungalows, each with their own outdoor shower and private stretch of sand, Kamalame Cay is a lover’s paradise where newlyweds can spend secluded days snorkeling, diving, fishing or relaxing in the tropics’ only overwater spa.

At sunset, cocktails are held at the Tiki Bar before dinner is served at the Great House where lovebirds can (if they want) mingle with shipping magnates, Hollywood executives, fashion titans and other illustrious guests before late-night dancing in the small ensuite bar ensues.

A hammock at Kamalame Cay.
Hammocks were likely invented at the same time day drinking was — enjoy the ingenuity of both.

At night the ocean lulls you to sleep in your luxurious accommodation artfully constructed so every villa is hidden from the next.

Relaxation is a given, especially as there isn’t a television on the island and Wi-Fi is found only at the office complex (hot spots are given to guests to use in their villas should emergencies arise).

A bartender at Kamalame Cay.
Don’t be shy to meet the bartenders at Kamalame — you could wind up marrying them instead.
David Engelhardt

Privacy and discretion are the ruling ethos here — with a slightly stricter version of Las Vegas’ “What happens: stays” standard. The island’s owner and operators, husband duo Michael and David King-Hew even turned down a request from the Kardashian clan to film there, as it would be too intrusive.

But it’s that exclusivity that allowed Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, during the height of the Britney Spears and Janet Jackson furor in February, to escape to Kamalame unnoticed and unmolested by photographers.

Other celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Tiger Woods have been known to stop by for the celebrated monthly luncheons and weekly dinners the King-Hews throw for guests and friends on nearby islands.

In March, Dallas-based newlyweds “Margeaux” and “Nick” (who asked to remain anonymous) spent most of their week-long sojourn swimming in the ocean between massages there.

“This place is perfect,” they sighed to The Post. “We don’t want to leave … it’s been the most amazing honeymoon ever.”

A seafood platter at the resort.
Your belly will likely enjoy more surf than turf on the private island.
Kamalame Cay

To attract more lovebirds, Kamalame Cay has just announced its “Love to Love” Honeymoon Offer, which includes five nights’ accommodations with a space-available upgrade on booking, a bottle of champagne on arrival, a private four-course dinner and wine pairing for two on the beach complete with private bonfire and COCO Bahama Seaplane arrival and departure — with rates starting at $6,200.

And during these pandemic times, Kamalame also offers peace of mind.

A COCO Bahama Seaplanes visit.
Kamalame’s version of mass transit is a seaplane.
COCO Bahama Seaplanes

The Bahamas as a whole has been very strict on COVID rules, insisting people get PCR tests and apply for a health visa before entering (these rules were just waived for vaccinated travelers), but Kamalame has a private doctor who visits the island every two days to administer tests to make sure all guests are healthy and safe … and you start your new life together relaxed happy and not in a hospital.