What your zodiac sign can expect

Welcome to 2022. A major year awaits you.

Destiny will change your life in 2022 — shifting your path and bringing exciting new opportunities to thrive, while also calling you to heal and resolve the past. While we may wish to finally have a year of pure bliss, 2022 will have its own form of challenges to face as we are still emerging from the rubble of how our lives and society have changed.

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The year 2022 will bring you a major chance to heal and envision how you’d like your life to grow in the decade to come, Aries. You’ll find that you are being divinely guided by a loving universe as you reflect on the past, learn the lessons you’ve needed and prepare for a bright new chapter to begin. May until October will be the most magnificent period of the year for you, as you are ready for a great rebirth. You’ll be extremely lucky in every way, so seize the day and create the life you’ve always wanted!

While there will certainly be professional growth in 2022 — especially in the first few months and due to powerful eclipses shifting and expanding your income and assets throughout the year — you’ll find that you’re a bit more focused on your own personal hopes, goals and development. Live vibrantly and pursue what makes you happiest!


You will see great change in 2022, Taurus! On a professional front, it is clear that you’re stepping more into your power and rising higher than ever before. You’re being groomed for greatness and could have significant opportunities for wealth, recognition or even fame. However, be prepared to put in the work because it won’t be easy — though you have the strength and tenacity within you to achieve everything you’re after! A great deal of the year will also focus on your personal life, too, as you are surrounded with opportunities for romance and laughter with those who you love. Your social circle will thrive greatly as you become more involved with groups. A soulmate friend could step into your life this year and open the door to one of your most deeply desired hopes, dreams or aspirations, so know what you’re after and show the world that you’re ready.

Important destined shifts around relationships will likely take place this year, too, helping you to find a forever partner and start to build a life together. Existing couples may decide it’s time to move in, get engaged or be wed. However, if your relationship has been rocky for some time, you may decide it’s time to break free and leave them behind. Know your worth and surround yourself with those who reflect that.


Gemini astrology zodiac
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The new year will bring you opportunities to soar in new directions, as well as rise to greater professional power, Gemini! You’ve been craving new experiences and freedom and have been working hard to meet the next echelon of your ambitions. Happily, the year to come could shower you with success and recognition, whether in the form of a promotion, award or new job offer. However, if you’re not happy with your career track, you may now realize it’s time to pursue a more fulfilling direction.

The summer of 2022 will be especially festive and fun for you, as you decide it’s time to pursue adventure with friends and create magical memories together. Intimacy could be a prominent theme for you this year, too, as you’ll be evaluating your relationships at the beginning and end of the year.

In the second half of the year, you’ll be particularly charged up to pursue your goals and can make a lot of progress — but beware of November and December, as you could feel you’re especially exhausted and running into challenges at every turn.

Last to mention is that you’ll experience destined events around your physical and mental health this year, too, so find a way to put your vitality as a top priority and perhaps pursue a better diet or fitness regimen. Enjoy a big year!


Get ready for an exhilarating year, Cancer! You’ll be eager to charge into new horizons as much as possible. You’ve been reviewing your relationships, assets and intimate needs recently and are ready to begin the next major phase of your life. Many Cancers will find joy in travel, academics or spirituality, while others will decide to immerse themselves in milestone creative projects. May until October will be an especially notable period for your professional growth, as you see opportunities for promotions, recognition or new jobs. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Another major theme in 2022 will be around your personal life and relationships. The beginning of the year will bring you the chance to review how you’ve approached your partnerships in the past eight years, while the end of the year could cause you to deeply reflect on any situations that need closure or healing. Both periods could bring old flames back into your life, so if you’re eager to rekindle something, do so in 2022! Powerful turning points around your friendships and love life are guaranteed to come throughout the year though, as you’ll experience fated events around your friendships. Some Cancers will meet and fall in love with soulmates this year or even hear news of a pregnancy. Open your heart! You’re ready.


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In 2022, you will continue a major trend around your partnerships and relationships, Leo. On one hand, you’ll be deeply focused on forging unions that will stand beside you forever or growing more closely together than ever before. However, if you’ve instead felt like the entire universe is challenging you and you’re a bit distant from others, that is because you’re being taught your independence, stamina and perseverance. Opportunities for happy blessings from your relationships will happen, and many Leos could have a chance to gain wealth, recognition or be deeply emotionally fulfilled by others this year, too. The summer of 2022 could bring you a major opportunity to travel or expand your mind through academics or spirituality, so enjoy the lighter vibe then.

The second half of the year will make you especially social, too. However, major turning points around your domestic life and professional growth also will occur in 2022. Some Leos will end up moving or dealing with major situations around family. Others will see opportunities for success and glory, while others may realize they need to change their career trajectory altogether. No matter what, know that you are being guided by a loving universe.


Love, relationships and union are a top priority for you in 2022, Virgo. Whether single or attached, happy opportunities for connection and romance will be present for you! Throughout the year, the planets will be encouraging you to connect with others, helping your current rapports to grow more sweetly.

If single, you could find a soulmate connection who completes you in ways you never expected. Moving in, engagement and marriage all shine vibrantly throughout the year. However, the onset of the year will likely cause you to re-evaluate your love life in recent years and may even make you quite nostalgic. Old flames may emerge then. If you’d like to rekindle a connection, take the lead.

The next significant themes for the year to come into focus are the expansions of your mind and ideas, revealing that many Virgos will decide to go back to school or pursue intellectual and communication projects. Travel, immigration and international business could also provide great joy. In the final half of the year, major progress on your professional goals can happen — but beware of a period of stagnation at the end of 2022. Get ready for a very special year, Virgo!


Libra zodiac astrology
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Rally for a big year in your professional life, Libra! The new one will bring big opportunities around a better work-life balance, job, income and assets. With so much energy activating these centers for you, now is the time to hustle toward your next greatest career goals. New jobs, more responsibilities or exciting projects could be presented to you —w ith more wealth appearing, too.

However, if you’re unhappy with your trajectory, now is the time to seize the day and turn your career in the direction that will fulfill you most. Finding the right routine should manifest more easily for you, especially once you integrate more health-conscious plans such as diet or fitness regimens. You could find that you feel stronger than any recent memory! Big wins could also happen around investments, stocks, loans or inheritances, too.

The last major theme to recognize in 2022 is your personal life and relationships. The beginning of the year could reconnect you with important people, especially around your family. However, from May to October, you’ll find that you’re favored in all unions, commitments, marriage and partnerships. Single Libras could find a soulmate, while those in existing unions could make long-term plans. Keep your head on straight, put energy into whatever you desire and know that 2022 could bring you what you seek.


Romance, relationships and personal euphoria are major points for you in 2022, Scorpio! You are entering one of the most important years of your life around love, creativity and union! Throughout the majority of the year, the stars will help you to open your heart and fall in love more deeply than ever before. Single Scorpios are especially favored, but committed ones can also reignite the fire in their connection. However, because you’ll be feeling the intense need to step into your power and have your authentic worth recognized in relationships, friction could also happen if you’re not in alignment with another.

On one hand, powerful moments around commitment, engagement and marriage could happen — but if you’re not fulfilled, you’re more likely to part ways once and for all. Another major aspect to pay attention to will be your home, real estate and domestic life, as you’ll be experiencing more weight around these subjects.

Last to mention will be an auspicious period around employment and health matters from May to October, where you could experience a better work-life balance. Prepare for important choices as you revolutionize your life.


Get ready for a big year in your personal life, Sagittarius! It will predominantly help you to feel more stable in life, as well as emotionally. You’ve been like a bird set free and now you are embarking on a new chapter that is more fulfilling than ever before.

First to note will be a major focus around your home, real estate, family or domestic life in the year to come. These areas should improve drastically and help you to feel more in control of your path. From May to October, you’ll be crowned with love, passion, creativity and fertility, so making these a top priority will fill your heart with light. If looking for love, hoping to reignite your spark or even pursue pregnancy, you’ll have luck on your side. In the second half of the year, you’ll notice a greater focus on partnerships and commitments — but beware of some frustrations in November and December.

Last to mention is that you’ll be experiencing destined moments around your mental and physical health throughout the year, too. If you’ve been looking for the right specialist, trainer, doctor or therapist, you could soon find them. That may push you to become stronger than ever before, especially in the form of a new diet or fitness regimen. Another way this could affect you is that you are looking for a better work-life balance and, because of this, you decide to shift your employment into a better rhythm that allows more joy in your life.


Capricorn zodiac astrology
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Personal relationships — family, friends and love — will be of utmost importance for you in 2022, Capricorn. At the onset of the year, you’ll be feeling especially nostalgic as you’re reflecting on the past and likely reuniting with people from before to rekindle a connection or instead find closure and move on once and for all. In the summer of 2022, a new trend around moving, renovating or real estate could crop up for you — as well as establishing a more joyous and sweet connection with your kindred. Connecting to your heritage and ancestry could also become significant to you then.

However, the most intense transformations of the year will likely take place around true love, fertility and friendships. Single Capricorns could have fated situations around romance, such as meeting a soulmate or falling in love, while others could realize the spark has gone and it’s time to move forward. Committed couples can share in this energy by bringing the spice and passion back into their rapport. Friends new and old could enter or exit your life suddenly in 2022, too.

Lastly, if seeking pregnancy, an important turning point could also manifest. When it comes to your professional life, the second half of the year will make you especially busy. Be careful not to burn yourself out, though, as your health could suffer. Find balance and know what you want most out of life and set forth to make it happen!


Knowing your worth and stepping into your power will be key themes for you in 2022, Aquarius. Recently, you’ve been focused on taking on more responsibility and being more intentional about everything that you do. This has helped you to learn more about your strength, stamina and perseverance. Luckily, a lot of this is going to pay off in regards to your income and professional life!

Most importantly, you could be showered in more wealth and abundance in the year to come, whether it’s in the form of a raise, new job, lucrative client or bonus. If you’re unhappy with your professional progress, now is the time to be practical and realistic and find legitimate ways of redirecting your path and bringing in more prosperity. Fated events around your success are likely to happen too, whether in the form of a promotion or recognition — or even a rude awakening where you fall from grace and have reality settle in. If that is to happen, it’s not to destroy you, but to shift your perspective about what you truly want in a career moving forward.

Your communication skills will be highlighted this year, too, so launch initiatives or go back to school. Your personal relationships will see shifts this year, too, as destined situations around home or family occur — whether in the form of moving to a new location or having to step in to handle a family affair. In the final half of the year, you’ll be eager to focus on love and passion — but beware of some hiccups around those areas in November or December. The year 2022 is bright. Embrace it!


Pisces astrology zodiac
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One of the most important years of your lifetime has arrived, Pisces! You are entering a period of rebirth and new beginnings where opportunities and luck will shower upon you. This isn’t a year where you’re going to “hit it big” in every way, but instead about taking action to build the life you want in the long-term. Soulmate connections, true love, joyous career breakthroughs, pregnancy or new horizons beckon to you — choose wisely!

You may still be reflecting on the past this year, spending time on developing your plans or even reconnecting with old friends, exes or flames at the beginning of 2022. Use all of this time to truly be intentional about what you want to manifest. The summer will likely bring you more opportunities for income and wealth, too! Soaring into new horizons will also be important to you, as you decide to pursue travel, new educational endeavors or even become more involved in a spirituality of your choice.

Lastly, the second half of the year will make you quite focused on your home, real estate and family, too. Prepare to make a lot of progress on these areas — but beware of November and December, as there could be some challenges that make you quite emotional. Overall, the year is magical. Believe in yourself, above all!

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