Website offers chance to ‘live under a rock’ during election week

Between a pandemic and the 2020 presidential election, life in a cave is looking more and more viable these days.

That’s the appeal of a new stay found on, where they’re offering visitors a chance to “live under a rock” during the first week of November as a respite from the world’s ills.

Between Nov. 2 and 7, escapists can take cover in a design-inspired cave, carved out 50 feet below ground in New Mexico.

It’s the perfect opportunity for “those who are experiencing election stress disorder (this is a real thing!),” according to their website. And five nights at the inn costs just $25 plus tax — an “Abraham Lincoln-inspired” rate fit for a president of the late 19th century.

“After you’ve cast your ballot, you can check out of the newsfeed negativity and check in to a man-made cave,” the website continues.

The bedrock digs are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. For those who miss out, is touting another promotion to encourage weary travelers to venture out: the “UnderARock” coupon code for 20% off your stay in a few other rock-themed lodgings, including the Rocky Gap Resort in Flintstone, Maryland, and the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona in Arizona.

outside the rock home in New Mexico

“Political fatigue is real regardless of the year or election,” said vice president Josh Belkin in a statement.

“We’re transforming an age-old idiom into a bookable experience, so individuals can relax, recharge, and recover … because who knows what else 2020 has in store for us.”