This ‘ugly’ millennial fashion accessory is making a comeback

It’s all Gucci.

One of the biggest fashion trends loved by late-aughts millennials is making a comeback, and trendsetters are clawing through the closets or yore for a chance to take part in its return.

Gucci’s classic double-G belts were revived as part of Alessandro Michele’s debut collection at the helm of the fashion house, and nearly a decade later, the classic accessory is back in fashion.

The Gucci logo belt is making a fashion comeback. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

For a while, the logo belts were considered a status symbol and the must-have accessory for anyone hoping to stay on trend — until it eventually fell off and started to be seen as basic, and sometimes even tacky.

But a classic can’t go out of style for too long.

The interlocked double-G belt appears to be making a resurgence, with some A-listers recently spotted sporting the accessory.

Bella Hadid was seen wearing the logo belt while out and about in New York City in May, and Miley Cyrus can be seen wearing the skinny version of the belt in the trailer for her upcoming interview on “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.”

Bella Hadid sporting the Gucci belt in New York City on May 2, 2024. Christopher Peterson /

The popular social media account @databutmakeitfashion even made a post analyzing “the return of the Gucci belt” and found that the number of posts on X about the “controversial fashion accessory” increased by about 18% in popularity per day over the course of one week.

“Don’t bring it back, please I beg you,” one viewer pleaded in the comments. Scoffed another, “Not the ugly Gucci belt comeback pls.”

“So happy I didn’t get rid of mine,” boasted another.

Idris Elba wearing the classic Gucci belt at the Milan Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Gucci fashion show. Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Though this isn’t the first trend to be recycled back into popularity, U.K.-based designer resale store Consigned Sealed Delivered’s resident fashion expert, Giorgio Ammirabile, explained to Newsweek how “fashion is cyclical due to several factors.”

Ammirabile shared that there are six factors that go into a fashion item’s life cycle: design, viral trends, inspiration and theme, brands’ popularity and identity, movie or celebrity influence, and tradition or cultural values.

“The cyclic nature of fashion means that trends are constantly evolving and changing, and was popular last season may not be popular this season,” he said. “This keeps the industry dynamic and constantly pushes designers to come up with new ideas, with this cyclical nature of fashion not just a phenomenon, but also a necessity.”