This star-studded neighborhood makes NYC the world’s ‘most interesting’ city: travel experts

Out of all the coolest corners of the Earth, the Concrete Jungle shines as its hottest hot spot — and one Manhattan neighborhood’s got the most sizzle. 

Standing head and shoulders above all other major cities, NYC has been ranked the “most interesting place in the world,” per a recent survey of top-searched locations conducted by adventure travel company Exporeworldwide.

Mega metropolises such as London, Tokyo, Paris and Rome, too, earned slots on the exclusive list of the planet’s 20 most tantalizing turfs. 

But in New York — which has also been crowned the “most bougie” state in the US — rather than the hoity-toity hautness of the Upper East Side or the buzzy hustle and bustle of midtown, it’s the beautifully historic Gramercy Park that reigns as the city’s most fascinating section, according to the findings. 

New York ranks as the “most interesting location” in the world — and Gramercy Park earns bragging rights as its most interesting neighborhood.
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“Within New York, we found a single neighborhood that had an ‘Interest score’ higher than many full-size cities,” read the report, for which data experts analyzed 1.2 million Wikipedia articles coded with a “primary location” — a place that the uploader specified is the true location of the main feature of the article. 

Each location was given an “Interest Weighting Score,” which was determined by its internet accessibility in various countries, how widely English is spoken in each country and its popularity on each country’s individual Wikipedia page. 

And owing to Gramercy Park’s upscale brownstone apartment buildings, tree-lined streets, private park and affluent residents, it’s earned bragging rights as the Big Apple’s most appealing address.  

Julia Roberts owns a multimillion-dollar spot in the coveted community.
Researchers found that Gramercy Park was listed as a “main location” for nearly 2,700 Wikipedia articles.
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Model Cara Delevingne has taken ownership of one of the neighborhood’s most palatial homes.

“[The neighborhood is] associated with so many famous people who currently live or used to live there, including Julia Roberts, Rufus Wainwright, Karl Lagerfeld and Oscar Wilde. And it was the birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt,” said researchers. 

In fact, director Baz Luhrmann — the cinematic mastermind behind “Elvis,” “The Great Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge” — recently placed his swank Gramercy Park townhouse on the market for $17.9 million. And 34 Gramercy Park East is where supermodel Cara Delevingne has called her home since she purchased Jimmy Fallon’s $15 million four-unit triplex combo spread in May 2022. 

The chichi community, too, boasts a gated, 2-acre park that is only accessible to its well-to-do residents who hold a key that admits them onto the lush greenery. 

Per the study, Gramercy Park’s bell-ringing residents and its private park make the neighborhood extremely popular.
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“With such recognized residents, along with a well-documented origin story and an exclusive park, Gramercy Park is the main location for nearly 2,700 Wikipedia articles,” said study authors. 

Gotham lovers on TikTok, where the hashtag #GramercyPark has raked in over 14.6 million views, have hailed the hallowed neighborhood a “bucket list” location. 

Some hopeful outsiders have even created a social media series dedicated to discovering “legal” ways to sneak into its non-public green space.   

“In order for me to legally get into the park, I’m gonna have to befriend someone rich,” said Gramercy wannabe Andrew Greene in a trending post that amassed over 4.4 million clicks. 

“If I really want to get inside Gramercy Park I gonna have to provide these rich people with something good in return,” he added. “That’s why I decided to offer free tutoring lessons for children in the Gramercy Park area.”

Flyers for his no-cost teachings, however, came with an explicit set of rules — including a caveat insisting that each tutoring session be conducted inside the locale’s privileged center.  

“The sessions must take place in [the private park],” read his ad, “because I, like you, am afraid of poor people.”