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This is the modern emergency kit every city dweller needs

New Yorkers know just how unpredictable life can be. Over the past two decades, we’ve experienced another level of emergencies, and have heavily relied on first responders to help us through such catastrophes. NY residents are nothing if not resilient, but if you’ve been present for any or all of these situations, you know that in the moment, things can get pretty scary. 

The electric, fast-paced lifestyle that New Yorkers thrive on leaves no room for living in fear, so take a page out of the first-responder book and arm yourself with The GO Kit. This fully-stocked kit of essentials contains everything you need to be prepared in case of any type of emergency. 

Compact and portable, this organized go-bag is the ultimate modern-day emergency kit. Among the 40-plus items inside, you’ll find the absolute necessities, including a stash of food, water, and first aid supplies, biodegradable sanitary items, and a blanket. There are also tons of tools catering to our lifestyles, like a solar-powered phone charger, universal cable, candle, gloves, hand-warmers, and a multi-tool. 

This comprehensive emergency kit even comes with instructions that help you plan for different situations (as well as navigate disasters in the moment). The bag itself is fire- and water-resistant, ensuring your essentials remain clean and functional. 

If a situation arises and there’s no time to collect your important documents, you’ll be thankful for The GO Kit’s companion app. The preparedness app saves digital copies of items like your ID, passport, and other crucial paperwork. The app also contains educational information, and helps you craft your own personal planning checklist.

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If we’ve learned anything from the events of the past 20 years (or even 12 months, really), it’s that there’s no reason not to have a GO Kit handy. Store one in the office, in your car, at your apartment–anywhere you spend time. It’s compact enough to conveniently fit into your everyday life, and buying one now could offer you huge relief (and safety) some day. 

We can’t control outside forces, but we can be as prepared as possible. Get your GO Kit so you can enjoy NY with peace of mind, and get up to 40% off retail prices today.