The best magnetic lashes of 2022: Glamnetic, more

We’ve been through it before — the excitement of buying a new voluminous lash-promising set of falsies only for the glue to be messy and the extra flush to fall off your eye lids.

As infomercials would say, “say goodbye to that!” with a pair of the best magnetic lashes. With no glue and no stress about your glam look succumbing to end-of-the-night mishaps, they’re avidly followed by many beauty lovers.

So, why not snag a pair for your next full-face of makeup? They pair well with your best full-coverage foundation, too, and of course, some of the best shimmery eyeshadow palettes we rounded up.

“My favorite kind of lash on clients is a cat eyelash — the lash starts off shorter in the inner corner and then flares out long on the outer corner,” Natalie Dresher, an eight-year bridal and special event makeup artist, told the New York Post. “A really popular look — and a personal favorite on myself — is a half lash, where the lashes start on the outer half of the eye- really elongating the eye.”

How to apply lashes safely (plus, tips to know)

Above all else, never use lashes if you experience any type of discomfort or pain while using them or after they’re off, Dresher notes.

“Personal lashes can be reused a handful of times depending on how well you’re cleaning and maintaining them,” she adds. “I personally opt for mid-priced lashes for myself so I can use a new pair each time or every other time.”

For magnetic lashes specifically, you’ll want to use a special magnetic eyeliner, just as you would apply glue to non-magnetic ones. Some sets below include the eyeliner, but you can pick one up on Amazon if you’re just buying the lashes (or, want to stock up).

The golden question: when do I apply mascara? Dresher advises applying mascara before tacking on your falsies, as mascara can ruin the integrity of the lash when applied afterward, as well as ridding yourself of the fluffy look a lash typically achieves. 

For cleaning your false eyelashes, use oil-free micellar water on a cotton swab and gently glide up from the band. 

Best Magnetic Lashes

1. Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes, $30

Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes

As one of the leaders in the pack, Glamnetic’s Magnetic Eyelashes come in a variety of lengths and volume levels, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. The tack-ons themselves are vegan-friendly and are effortless to apply, much ado to the brand’s included magnetic eyeliner.

2. EasBeauty Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit, $15, original price: $18

EasBeauty Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

As an Amazon favorite with nearly 32,000 positive reviews, EasBeauty has a five-piece set that’s difficult to pass on. Coming with all the pairs you need to experiment with your look, this $15 bundle has all the soft fibers you need for getting ready.

3. Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic Faux Mink Eyelashes, $30

Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic Faux Mink Eyelashes

Pick up Lilly Lashes’ Click Magnetic Faux Mink Eyelashes if you want that oomph factor. They’re surely bold but hold up well and, if you prefer a more subtle look without compromising on the length this brand provides, there are five other selections to choose from at Sephora.

4. InBrave Magnetic Lashes Kit, $16, original price: $29

InBrave Magnetic Lashes Kit

We didn’t expect magnetic lashes to come in more than a few variations, but InBrave proved us wrong with its Magnetic Lashes Kit. Going from super-subtle to bam!, each set has five strong magnets that are perfect for all-day wear and are simple to clean when you’re using one of the best makeup removers we rounded up to take it off.

5. Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents, $12 to 15

Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents
Ulta Beauty

Known for its fan-favorite line of wispies, Ardell has some of the most natural-looking magnetic eyelashes that are budget-friendly and stick to your lash line right on. Plus, they’re made from 100% human hair.

6. Velour Lashes Magnetic Effortless No-Trim Natural Lashes, $28

Velour Lashes Magnetic Effortless No-Trim Natural Lashes

For a unique glam look, you can’t go wrong with Velour Lashes. This style feathers out toward the outer corner, giving that doll-like effect in the simplest way possible: without glue and with unmatched comfort that’s easy to apply.

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