The $60 Zara pink dress TikTok is obsessed with

About two weeks ago, Miranda Getreu was shopping in Zara for an upcoming trip to Miami and spotted a pink satin dress for $59.90.

“I like pink satin,” Getreu, 22, told The Post. “I like how it looks on you when you’re tan, and the dress fit my boobs pretty well.”

But mostly, she said, its appeal came down to cost: “It was very cheap for how nice it looked.”

Two days after her purchase, the minimal frock, which has spaghetti straps and a cutout in the back, was splashed all over social media and became TikTok famous. The fashion blogger Marina Rough, aka @InChargeofOutfits, posted an unboxing video of the candy-pink number that netted 1.4 million views. She has subsequently posted four more, including one with 321,000 views that noted: “Don’t be upset if you did not get the Skims bubblegum dress. Get this dress from Zara instead.” A litany of other influencers followed, and now the hashtag #ZaraPinkDress has 1.7 million views on the platform.

A Tik Tok user shows off her figure in the pink Zara dress
TikTok user Jada Cheyenne shows off her figure in the pink Zara dress

The craze is reminiscent of the modest black-and-white polka-dot Zara dress that was ubiquitous in 2019. But this one — which is still available online — is sexier and more in line with the Y2K throwback aesthetic that has boomeranged into the hearts and closets of Gen Zers.

As the trend was catching fire online, Getreu, who does influencer marketing at p.r. shop Alison Brod, was getting praise in real life.

“While I was in Miami, I got tons of compliments on [the dress]. Someone even asked me if it was from Alice + Olivia,” added the Gramercy resident, referring to the pricey fashion brand.

Another Tik Tok user shows of the fit of the popular pink Zara dress
Another TikToker, Jesenia Martinez, user shows off the fit of the popular pink Zara dress.

Trend reporter Brittney Levine said the dress hits all the right notes, from the color to the fit to the style.

“The bubblegum pink is that perfect shade that is not too bright or overpowering,” Levine told The Post. “From every angle, it has this gleaming, shiny effect. It cinches just below the breasts so it’s figure-flattering to women off all sizes. Plus, cutouts are major right now, but we’re seeing them all on the front or side. This is more of a ‘party in the back.’ It shows off all your assets but hits in the right places.”

And then there’s the price tag.

“Anything under $100 that looks this good is a win for me,” added Levine.

Kate Beeks, 23, saw the frock on TikTok and immediately bought it off the Zara app.

“I would consider myself to sometimes be a victim of influencers,” Beeks, a publicist, told The Post. “I am susceptible to targeted ads, and I saw it and immediately thought, ‘I love this dress.’”

But most of all, she was drawn in by the quality.

The pink Zara dress has a sexy cut out in the back
The pink Zara dress has a sexy cutout in the back, as Emmy Andrews shows off.

“It looked like a beautiful piece of clothing, like a luxury item, and it was an affordable price point. And it looked good on so many different body types.”

Unfortunately for Beeks, who bought a size small, the fit wasn’t perfect.

“It was tight across my chest. I [wear a B-cup bra], so I am shocked it didn’t fit.”

Also, she wasn’t aware how viral the dress had gone before she hit the purchase button.

“In retrospect, if I knew it was blowing up this much, I may not have bought it,” said Beeks, adding that she plans to return it.

Getreu wasn’t that upset her new purchase had gone viral — but she was thrilled she got there first.

“I was happy I had the chance to wear it before everyone bought it,” she said, adding with a laugh, “I feel like an influencer even though I am not.”