Soccer player hits ref with kung-fu kick as angry fan mob attacks

A player launched a flying kung-fu kick at a referee as tensions boiled over at the end of a match.

Neftchi Fergana and Turon Yaypan were battling it out in a winner-take-all promotion clash on the final day of the league season in the Uzbekistan Pro League.

Turon, who went into the match in second place, managed to leapfrog their rivals with a 1-0 victory snatched with an 81st-minute goal.

At the final whistle, all hell broke loose, with furious Neftchi players creating disgraceful scenes — leading to the referee running for dear life.

An angry mob of fans ran on the field toward the helpless official.

And one player, named in local press as Shavkat Nasibullayev, took things way further.

The 36-year-old defender launched a flying kung-fu kick at the referee, sending him sprawling.

But things didn’t stop there, as the alert ref instantly bounced to his feet and hoofed it toward the tunnel, ducking and diving through hordes of fans trying to chase him.

Police had to calm the scene, while a number of Uzbek football dignitaries are said to have been at the game.

“The whole of Uzbekistan, the whole football community saw it,” Uzbek PFL spokesman Sherzod Radjabov said. “Everyone knows that the match was decisive for a ticket to the Super League.

“Neftchi fans after the game couldn’t contain their emotions and ran out on the field. There will be an investigation into the pressure and use of force against officials. The participants in the incident, whoever it is, will be punished.”