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‘Smack that tiny little hand’

This flight practically turned into a jungle gym in the sky.

As if kids weren’t wreaking enough havoc in the friendly skies, alarming footage depicted a little hellion poking passengers and attempting to steal the travelers’ things while the child’s parents apparently were asleep.

A viral video of the tot’s mile-high mayhem has blown up on the Transportation Security Administration’s instagram account, logging more than 16,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“What’s a toddler’s rule of possession?” the flight safety org quipped in the caption. “If they can take it from you, it’s theirs.”

The accompanying footage cuts to a POV compilation of a tot seemingly terrorizing a couple behind them on an airplane while their parents were enjoying an inflight snooze, per the clip.

In the short video, the terrible tot could be seen scratching the videographer’s hairy leg and trying to yank his headphones.

The touchy tike then attempts to pilfer a tray of playthings from the passenger’s seatmate before touching his finger to hers like a scene from the movie “ET.”

The kid scratches the videographer.
The kid scratches the videographer’s leg.

These inflight antics didn’t sit well with commenters.

“Respectfully, I’m waking up those parents,” said one viewer, while another declared, “Ngl. I’ll smack that tiny little hand.. need to learn early huh.”

A third wrote, “I want to create a child free airline. I just need investors.”

“How about we don’t pretend it’s acceptable behavior to expect others on the plane to parent your child, eh?” griped one critic.

The TSA did offer some tips for parents on how to navigate traveling with a child — though not specifically about handling handsy kids.

This isn’t the first time an unsupervised tyke has been allowed to treat an airplane like their personal playground.

The kid attempts to steal the couple's personal belongings.
“I want to create a child free airline,” said one critic. “I just need investors.”

In November, viral footage surfaced showing a pig-tailed “brat” energetically jumping up and down on top of a tray table, visibly jarring the male passenger sitting in the seat directly in front of her.

There have been a number of notable in-flight tantrums as well — although those are often out of the parents’ hands.

Thankfully, a UK mathematician has devised a cry-baby formula that is scientifically proven — well, in theory — to mitigate tots’ mile-high meltdowns.