Save $150 on this award-winning expandable suitcase

Are your suitcases collecting dust? During the pandemic, most of us weren’t traveling much and as a result, our suitcases are dingier than ever. So, whether you’re gearing up to head home for the holidays or jet-setting to a tropical destination for the New Year, it might be time to take inventory of your traveling accessories.

If you’re a rusty traveler you might have forgotten how annoying checking a bag is, and how it’s very preferable to fly with a carry-on.

Make sure your traveling is as delightful as possible with a flexible suitcase like the Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Suitcase, which gives you the option to use it as either a full-size checked bag or a carry-on. Right now it’s available in a bright, pretty turquoise shade for your traveling needs (or the travel lover on your list) at a record low price drop of $199.97 — saving you $250.

Rollux 2-in-1 Expendable Suitcase
NY Post Store

This 2-in-1 expandable suitcase by Rollux has an award-winning, patented design, which you’ll understand with just one use. It expands or contracts depending on your travel needs, saving you baggage fees as a carry-on or fitting in plenty when expanded if you need to check it — preventing the annoying need to buy another bag on a trip.

Unlike competitors, this suitcase is truly built to last. It has been constructed from quality fabrics and super durable materials, so it will hold up and keep looking sharp, flight after flight. It also has a convenient USB port and detachable spinner wheels, so you can be speedy if you need to be. And when you’re not using it, you don’t have to sacrifice precious closet space, as it collapses when it’s not in use.

Happy customer Jorge raved about this expandable suitcase, sharing, “Awesome luggage! Versatile, quality and professionally made!“

Ready to upgrade your travel gear? Get the turquoise Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Suitcase today for just $199.97.

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