Samuel Eto’o filmed attacking man at World Cup in wild video

Soccer legend Samuel Eto’o appeared to lash out at a YouTuber in a violent altercation following Brazil’s 4-1 World Cup rout of South Korea on Monday.

The former Barcelona, Inter Milan and Chelsea star was seemingly content taking selfies with fans while exiting Stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar, smiling and taking a moment to pause for the group forming around him.

A few moments later, however, video shows a man carrying a camera beginning to follow Eto’o as he walks away from the group, repeatedly saying something as Eto’o tries to avoid him.

Then, after briefly walking away, an enraged Eto’o storms back and begins to charge at the man, who identified himself as Said Mamouni, an Algerian YouTuber with over 67,000 followers. As he begins to run away and attempt to stave off Eto’o (while still recording), the former forward is held back by a group of people in hopes to diffuse the situation.

Their efforts were for naught. Eto’o quickly broke away from the group, and again charged at Mamouni, who was crouching down. No longer restrained, Eto’o viciously kneed Mamouni in the face, who subsequently fell backwards to the ground.

Eto’o was restrained again and finally taken away by members of his entourage. Mamouni was able to quickly get back to his feet and walk away, although it is unclear what, if any, injuries he incurred.

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Mamouni said in a video posted to his YouTube page that he reported Eto’o to police in Dubai.

“I’m at the police station to file a complaint against Eto’o,” Mamouni said in the video. “He hit me and someone else with him pushed me and destroyed my camera.”

The 41-year-old Eto’o has been in Qatar as the president of the Cameroon soccer federation after playing 118 games and four World Cups for the nation — a title he’s held since last year — and also serves as a “legacy ambassador” for the tournament.

One of the last teams to qualify, Cameroon was a controversial World Cup entry after defeating Algeria to book its ticket earlier this year and that’s what sparked the altercation, according to Mamouni. Algeria was incensed with the officiating in that game and called for the match to be officially replayed.

Mamouni claimed that Eto’o lost his anger after he asked him if he took a bribe from referee Bakary Papa Gassama, the official in charge of Cameroon’s World Cup qualifying win over Algeria.

After Cameroon was eliminated from the World Cup in the group stage, it is unknown in what capacity Eto’o was attending the game. A Cameroonian federation spokesperson and FIFA both did not respond to the Associated Press’ request for comment on the incident.