Pobeda airline official fired for penis-shaped flight detour

A Russian airline’s flight manager has been sacked for a cocky stunt in which passengers were flown on a phallic-shaped detour in solidarity with a soccer star who was seen masturbating in leaked video, according to a report.

Denis Petrikov was given the boot after he reportedly violated safety measures by changed the route of a Moscow-Yekaterinburg flight on Nov. 11, the Sun reported.

The low-cost Aeroflot subsidiary Pobeda’s plane was seen on radar making irregular maneuvers with 102 passengers aboard — creating the shape of a giant penis with swooping loops.

Russian state media have described it a “ballsy flight path,” according to the news outlet.

“This was probably the way in which Pobeda captains expressed their support to Russian team captain Artem Dzyuba and showed their attitude to him being bullied,” an airline rep said recently.

Rosaviatsiya, the federal airline authority, blames Pobeda for the schlong detour. Its general director, Andrey Kalmykov, has received a severe reprimand, the Sun reported, citing RBC.

A Pobeda airlines airplane
A Pobeda airlines airplane
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The stunt was believed to be in support of Dzyuba, the national soccer team captain, who was dropped for several matches after his selfie masturbation video had leaked.

His phone reportedly was hacked, according to the Sun.

The Boeing 737’s pilots originally claimed the flight path was due to a suspected malfunction of the orientation sensors, but no evidence emerged that they were faulty, the Sun reported.

The Moscow Times reported that Pobeda unsuccessfully tried to have a similar path approved for a Moscow-St. Petersburg flight on Nov. 10.