Plane passenger’s reaction to flyer’s bare foot on armrest goes viral

They thought the punishment fit the pedi crime.

An airplane passenger was lauded online after filming himself dumping water on a fellow flyer who allegedly propped their naked foot up on his armrest.

A video of his unorthodox method of etiquette enforcement has racked up more than 3.9 million viral views on TikTok in less than 24 hours.

“What to do in this situation,” reads the caption of the clip, which shows the videographer sitting on an airplane while an unseen passenger behind him rests their bare foot on the arm of his window seat. Then, all of a sudden, the perturbed traveler decides to pour a bottle of Dasani water over the encroaching toes, prompting his inconsiderate neighbor to take their tootsies off the armrest.

The clip was uploaded Monday by the Walker Twins, who regularly share humorous bits to their almost 250,000 followers on the TikTok video streaming platform.

Their hilarious how-to garnered praise from the online peanut gallery, who thought the podiatric punishment was justified.

“Right on, I’m so tired of people and their lack of respect for others,” wrote one TikTok commenter of the vid.

Another chimed in, “I can’t think of a better solution to get your point across.”

One viewer even suggested that he should’ve enacted the same de-toe-rrent technique but with a “cup of boiling water.”

“It looks like that foot could have used some soap with that water,” joked one TikTok wit.

Some commenters were skeptical of the video, which they thought was actually a sketch performed by two friends.

Authenticity notwithstanding, the PSA does shed light on the nationwide uptick in outrageous in-flight incidents during lockdown, which have included everything from fights over elbow room to assaults on flight attendants for enforcing mask mandates.

In the most infamous incident in May, a Southwest crew member lost two teeth when passenger Vyvianna Quinonez, 28, allegedly socked her in the face for telling her to don her face cover as the flight de-planed in San Diego.