Ohio adds Ohio to COVID-19 travel advisory map

Ohio health officials are cautioning state residents to avoid traveling to … Ohio.

The Buckeye State has just added itself to the state’s COVID-19 travel restriction map amid a resurgence of the global pandemic, WEWS-TV reported Wednesday.

That means Ohio is among 14 states the health department says should be avoided by Ohioans — and any Ohioan traveling from their own state must quarantine themselves for two weeks after they get back home to, well, Ohio.

But the reason for the glitch is no joke.

“The state has seen record levels of cases, deaths and hospitalizations in the past week, and all Ohioans can help to limit the spread and impact of this virus,” the Ohio Health Department said in a statement.

“This includes recommendations to stay at home except for necessary trips for supplies, consistent mask-wearing when around others, and frequent handwashing.”

The state added itself to the map after its seven-day positivity rate rose above 15 percent for the first time since the first week in April.

Ohio has reported nearly 440,000 COVID-19 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic, with more than 6,600 deaths, the health department said.