Non-electric steaming is the travel laundry hack you need

Ready or not, it’s time to travel again.

Whether you’re boarding a jet for work or embarking on a cruise for fun, you may be a little out of practice in packing for a journey. So listen to the Amazon reviewers giving this packing hack 4.1/5 stars.

The InstaSteam Full Pack is here to make your suitcase skills better than before with an electricity-free way to steam your clothes during travel — on sale now for $34.99, a savings of 12%.

The InstaSteam is a small packet made of all-natural minerals. These react with water, producing a powerful gust of steam that lasts up to an hour. When used with an accompanying garment bag, the InstaSteam is a great alternative to an electric steamer.

To use, place one item of clothing in the garment bag. Open the pod and pour water into the plastic and foam packet of natural minerals. Pass the first burst of steam over your clothing to get the best results.

Each pod can steam two or three garments. With five pods in a pack, you could easily treat a week’s worth of clothing on a trip. With no dangerous components, the InstaSteam poses no risk of security stops when boarding planes and ships. The pack is nonflammable, and at only 6.5″ x 6.5″ in size, you can easily fit the pack into your suitcase.

Not only does steaming your clothing reduce wrinkles, but it can also add some much-needed freshness to garments that have been stashed in a suitcase for the last week. Use the hot steam from the bag to freshen up your suit or gown before heading out to your big travel event.

Feel good about your wardrobe on your next trip when you use the normally $39 InstaSteam Full Pack to keep your clothes looking neat and tidy. With simple instructions and easy transport, the InstaSteam is sure to become one of your little packing secret weapons. Get your first pack of five pods and garment bags for $34.99 and save 12% today.

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