Naked man proudly strolls through Dallas-Fort Worth airport

Some travelers just need the bare essentials.

A naked man was detained on Monday after air travelers spotted him proudly sauntering through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Eye-poping video shows the man — without any baggage in sight or a stitch of clothing — slowly strolling past a TGIF Friday’s around 10:15 p.m. inside the airport’s Terminal C, which exclusively flies out American Airlines flights.

Video shows naked man proudly strolling through DFW airport.
He smiled and pointed at a fellow traveler who cheered him on.

An astonished passerby did a double-take after walking past the unabashed man, who didn’t pay any mind to the deranged stares aimed in his direction.

“There’s a naked guy in the airport,” another man filming the strange encounter can be heard saying as someone nearby begs him not to record the stranger.

The nude man immediately swings his head at the camera, points his finger and begins nodding his head.

“Yes, there is!” the videographer cheers, offering a pointed finger back.

“My man!”

Video shows naked man proudly strolling through DFW airport
The man was detained for a mental health evaluation.

The naked traveler continued nodding his head — with a smile on his face — as he continued walking down the populated hallway.

He was soon apprehended by DFW Airport Department of Public Safety and taken in for a mental health evaluation, a spokesperson for the airline said.

The airline would not say whether the man was charged or what circumstances led to the bizarre incident.