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 After a long year under COVID-19 travel restrictions, the time is finally here: The CDC has advised that – within certain limits, including wearing masks – Americans can travel again. We’ve had a tough year, and New York is among the areas that have been through the worst of it.

While the pandemic is still far from over, restrictions are easing and travel is once again possible. It’s reasonable to think about planning your next trip. So where to? Flight prices aren’t yet back to normal, but there are still deals to be had with a little help.

Matt’s Flights is one such provider offering help to those looking for a bargain on getaway flights. And one-year subscriptions to the deal-scouting service are currently on sale for just $29.99, a nice discount of 69% off the full purchase price of $97. Get the flight intel you need to find flights around the country and the world for less.

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We all have big dreams when it comes to travel, whether that be wandering the streets of Florence – gelato in hand, hiking the mountain trails of South America, or witnessing the wonderful nature of Australia and New Zealand. But flight costs to these destinations can be prohibitive – when just getting there costs half your budget, what do you have left to spend while enjoying your destination?

Matt’s Flights takes advantage of sales and airline mistakes in order to snatch the best airline deals for members. From time to time, airlines make errors in their pricing, or offer heavily discounted rates, and have to honor those prices should passengers book the relevant flights. Matt sends the best flights to his members based on their closest airport and preferences of destination, allowing you to book the flights for less. Matt also offers one-on-one flight and travel planning, and three deals per week alongside unlimited custom search requests.

Previous users rate the service highly, like Susie Walters-Richardson who says, “Matt saved me $1,200 on the flight for my daughter’s honeymoon. Easy-to-use. Thank you.”

One-year subscriptions to Matt’s Flights are now on sale for $29.99, a significant savings of $67.01 off the regular price of $97.

Prices subject to change.