Marchand and Ourand, Episode 8: Featuring Roger Bennett

Andrew Marchand and John Ourand are joined by Men in Blazers’ co-host Roger Bennett. The three go over the finer points of Comcast/NBC’s $2.76B deal with the Premier League and what it means for U.S. soccer. Bennett provides his usual comedic touch, while also talking about the emotions of going to see his parents this Thanksgiving for the first time in two years.

The guys also discuss other news: NBC Sports’ “Thursday Night” booth with Drew Brees taking the analyst role on the Thanksgiving broadcast, Al Michaels’ potentially headed to Amazon, and a new dark horse in the NFL Sunday Ticket sweepstakes.

They end the show with their “Calls of the Week,” with Ourand staying close to home with a D.C. choice, and Marchand having Carolina on his mind.