Jenna Carr, Joao Paias quit their jobs to travel full time, here’s how they earn $10K a month

A globetrotting couple who quit their jobs to travel the world with their young child are now earning $10,000 a month.

Ex-doctor Jenna Carr, 33, and Joao Paias, 34, met on Tinder in 2017 while she was on holiday in his native Portugal and fell in love over their shared passion for travel.

Before the birth of their son Leo, 3, the couple had travelled across Portugal and the UK, as well as France and Switzerland before jetting over to Asia and visiting the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bali.

Jenna Carr and Joao Paias,
The couple met on Tinder.
Jenna Carr / SWNS

Since they had Leo, the family has travelled to Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, the US and the Bahamas.

“Our intention was to have a happier life and spend more time together, we were doing what everyone does and spending our life working,” Jenna from Sheffield, Yorkshire, in northern England, said.

“We thought this is not how we would envision our life going – now we are winging it and are happy with how things are going at the moment.

Jenna Carr and Joao Paias
The couple earn $10,000 a month.
Jenna Carr / SWNS

“There is no guidebook or something to look to for advice.”

Jenna and Joao launched their website in February 2022 and are now focused on growing the site.

“I quit my job in February 2022 and Joao continued to work and we got to the point where he could quit his job too,” she said.

“Since May we have both been unemployed and trying to make money through social media, a lot of our focus has been on that.

Jenna Carr and Joao Paias,
Jenna Carr is a former doctor.
Jenna Carr / SWNS

“Every month we need to make sure we have a brand deal in place or make sure the website memberships are sustainable.

“It is fun, we don’t know how long it is going to last but we can make it our full-time thing, we are just going with the flow.”

For now, Jenna, Joao and Leo are back in the UK, before jetting off to Italy, Portugal and Spain. Jenna said that Leo loves travelling but is settling into life at nursery.

“We have been travelling with him since he was a baby, he loves travelling, he is much more content travelling,” Jenna added.

“He is a lot easier when we are travelling and we are busy doing things. He is not used to being somewhere for a certain time or getting up at a certain time so we have had some nightmares.

“Ultimately we want to do what is right for him, he is currently at nursery three days a week, we are trying to have the balance between stability and travel.”