Jamie Lee Komoroski indicted for DUI crash that killed bride

A woman blamed for a deadly drunk-driving crash that mowed down a just-married bride on her wedding day has been indicted on four felony counts in South Carolina.

Court documents filed Wednesday show a grand jury returned indictments Sept. 12 against Jamie Lee Komoroski, charging her with driving under the influence resulting in death, two counts of DUI with great bodily injury, and reckless homicide, local outlet WCSC reported.

The indictments came weeks after Komoroski, 25, appeared in court, breaking down in sobs when a judge denied her bond request after determining she was a flight risk.

The charges stem from an April 28 crash in Folly Beach that killed newlywed Samantha Miller, 34, and seriously injured three others.

Authorities alleged Komoroski was extremely drunk and speeding when she slammed her Toyota Camry into the back of a golf cart carrying the bride, her new husband, Aric Hutchinson, and two wedding guests.

Jamie Lee Komoroski, is pictured on April 29.
Jamie Lee Komoroski, 25, has been indicted by a South Carolina Grand Jury on charges of DUI resulting in death, two counts of DUI with great bodily injury and reckless homicide.

Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson are pictured at their wedding reception.
Samantha Miller (right) was killed in a crash just moments after leaving her wedding reception.

The Coastal Carolina University graduate — whose blood alcohol level of 0.261 was three times the legal limit for driving — was quoted telling cops at the deadly scene that she “did nothing wrong.”

Komoroski’s defense lawyers previously sought her release on $100,000 bond, with the condition she would enter a substance abuse rehab program, arguing she was neither a danger to the community or a flight risk.

They also cited Komoroski’s lack of prior criminal history, and strong family support.

pictured is the wreckage from the crash.
The horrifying wreck took place on the night of April 28.
Folly Beach Department of Public Safety/Provided

Jamie Lee Komoroski is pictured at a videoconferencing call from the Charleston County jail
Komoroski broke down in tears during a court hearing in August.

Everything you need to know about Sam Hutchinson’s tragic death

Who was Sam Hutchinson?

The 34-year-old married her husband, Aric, in a heartwarming wedding that had a tragic ending.

Hutchinson was reportedly killed by Jamie Lee Komoroski, an alleged drunk driver, while the bride and groom exited on a golf cart shortly after their wedding reception.

Hutchinson was declared dead at the scene while her husband was hospitalized with severe injuries.

The bride’s sister, Mandi Jenkins, recalled it as “the best day” of the newlywed’s life.

The groom’s mom added: “Aric has lost the love of his life.”

What will happen to Jamie Lee Komoroski?

Komoroski, 25, allegedly plowed into the Hutchinsons’ golf cart while driving around 65 miles per hour, according to Folly Beach police.

The driver reportedly smelled of alcohol but refused to take a sobriety test.

She was charged with three felony DUIs resulting in great bodily injury or death and one count of reckless homicide.

When asked how she felt on a scale of 1 to 10 — with 10 being completely sober — Komoroski allegedly rated herself an 8, WCIV reported.

Komoroski was booked under suicide watch after telling an officer she wanted to die, according to WCIV.


But during Komoroski’s tearful Aug. 1 court appearance — attended by Miller’s mother — Judge Michael Nettles ordered her to remain behind bars until the start of trial, provided it gets underway by its scheduled March 2024 date.

If the trial is delayed, Komoroski could be released on $150,000 surety bond, would be subject to electronic monitoring and placed on house arrest.

Aric Hutchinson is pictured.
Aric Hutchinson has sued Komoroski and several Folly Beach bars for his wife’s wrongful death.

The grieving Hutchinson, 36, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Komoroski in May, claiming she had a “booze-filled day of bar hopping” before getting behind the wheel — and that the four establishments she visited in the hours before the deadly crash served her “copious amounts of alcohol” despite her being “visibly intoxicated.”

Komoroski’s former employer, the Taco Boy, and her boss were also named in the complaint for “inviting, encouraging, pressuring, and ultimately coercing [Komoroski] to drink alcohol beyond the point of visible intoxication.”