I’m a hot mom and I’m trolled for my outfit and tattoos

A “hot mom” is clapping back at haters for judging her without really knowing her.

Wife and mom Cindy Zar, 36, said she sees what internet trolls comment on her social media posts, and revealed exactly how she deals with it.

In a video posted to her TikTok page, which has nearly 200,000 followers, Zar showed some of the rude comments that have been left under her posts.

These remarks include: “U shouldn’t dress the way u do,” “moms shouldn’t have tattoos,” and “Good mom don’t dress & act like you.”

Instead of hitting back with an equally mean comment, Zar simply wrote in her caption: “Never judge a book by the cover.”

Zar is quite open about her naturally gorgeous looks, and even posted a video to her “new” TikTok account in August 2021 that read: “Welcome to Hot Mom TikTok.”

She even once revealed that her kids told her their friends called her a “MILF,” meaning “mom I’d like to f–k.”

Cindy Zar
Cindy Zar says she deals with all kinds of online harassment just because she’s a “hot mom.”

It is unclear if that story is accurate.

But regardless of her positive attitude, the hate keeps coming.

Zar previously said she once had an internet hater “harass” her and claim she doesn’t love her kids and that she’s an “attention seeker” all because of her confidence.

In a post recalling the issue, she wrote: “So I’ve had this troll that has been harassing me.

“Well.. not since I posted this & tagged her/him in it.

“I shut that h*e up with the quickness.”

She added that the lesson learned is “just [because] someone says something to try & hurt u, doesn’t mean it’s true & they’re most likely jealous & want u to feel like they do … own that sh*t … BE YOU.”

It seems that this momma’s confidence won’t be shaken.

Similarly, another mother lives her life authentically online and claims she’s in the “bad mom club” but doesn’t worry about what other people have to say.

“The reasons I don’t have a lot of mum friends.

Cindy Zar
Cindy Zar responded to her online hate by saying to “never judge a book by the cover.”

“I don’t limit screen time,” she said.

“If my kid is being an a**hole I’mma tell ’em, I’mma tell your kid too.”

This story originally appeared on the Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.