I tried the Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon, and I’m obsessed

I love all things beauty. Whether it’s a product for nail strength, an unheard of brow method or a crazy facial trend, I’m open to it. Nothing is ever too strange, and I’ll try it all at least once.

With that said, things don’t always go as planned. For example, when TikTok went crazy over heatless hair curlers, I jumped on Amazon and ordered one straight away. Lo and behold, it did nothing to my hair.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, as heatless hair curling methods never worked for me in the past — until I tried the official Heatless Hair curler that even Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is obsessed with.

But I must say, my expectations were set very low, but boy did it blow me away.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on my experience.

What is the Heatless Hair curler?

Heatless Hair curler kit in pink
Heatless Hair

The Heatless Hair curler is the product that changed the game. Point blank, “Heatless Hair was created to help girls and women of all ages get beautiful curls without putting heat in their hair,” says the website.

The product uses a 100% silk Curling Ribbon, satin scrunchies and a claw clip to help wrap and secure the hair. The concept stemmed from the plethora of people utilizing bathroom robe belts and t-shirts to achieve heatless curls. Founder Jacqueline Elkouby tried the bathroom robe belt method herself and didn’t achieve the results she wanted, so she set out to create the product and brand.

What is my hair type?

Woman with long brown hair
New York Post Composite

Now, before we dive into the Heatless Hair review and how it worked, it’s vital to share my personal hair type. This is important because various hair types will of course elicit differing results.

I have what people would categorize as fine 2a or 2b hair (depending on the day and weather). This means there is a slight wave and frizzy texture to my locks.

My hair is also about 25 inches long, and I am in the process of growing out my bangs. I say that because the Heatless Hair curler can provide face-framing waves, but that’s not the case for my tiny baby bangs.

For this review, I showered the night before and utilized my slept-on hair. The only products used was my Gisou Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner, which deserves raving reviews alone.

What was the process like?

Woman wearing the Heatless Hair curler
New York Post Composite

To begin, I brushed out my over-night hair with my detangling brush. Then, I misted sections with a spray bottle, like this one from Amazon, to dampen my strands.

Once my hair was generously damp, I brushed it out and secured the silk Curling Ribbon upon my head with the provided claw clip.

Now, this next step can be customized depending on the outcome you’d like. I was looking for softer waves, and therefore took two inch sections and loosely wrapped them around the Curling Ribbon. If you prefer more defined curls, I suggest you take smaller sections and wrap them tightly around the ribbon.

Once each side was done, I secured the style with scrunchies, removed the claw clip and according to a very kind Instagram follower, looked like Princess Leia.

I also need to note that in my recent move, I misplaced my matching satin scrunchies. Otherwise, I would have used the provided ones.

Up until this point, the entire process took maybe five to six minutes.

The brand suggests leaving the curler in overnight, for three to six hours or until your hair is dry. Once again, this depends on the outcome you desire and your hair type. I was looking for loose waves, so decided to keep it in for two and a half hours.

What were the end results?

Woman with curled long brown hair
New York Post Composite

Once the two and a half hours were up, I unwrapped the scrunchies and shook the Curling Ribbon out of my hair in an upward motion.

Right in front of my eyes were undoubtable heatless curls. I ran my fingers through the curls to separate my strands and flipped my hair a few times. I decided not to use any serums or oils to provide the most accurate results.

Remember, I have baby bangs, so I pinned them to the sides. Behold, I had immaculate soft waves.

What are the pros and cons?

In light of providing the most transparent review, there are both pros and cons.


  • It is more pricey than your average heatless curler (or bathroom robe belt), but it actually works. After all, the Curling Ribbon is made from 100% silk which minimizes the frizz (yes, please) and makes your hair soft and shiny. That alone is worth the extra splurge.
  • The Curling Ribbon provides an effortless, more natural end result.
  • It’s comfortable on the head, and I seamlessly worked from home while using it. I forgot I was wearing it — but maybe my New York neighbors, who can clearly see through my window, didn’t.
  • It’s so fast to use, it doesn’t even take a second thought. Running late for a date? Throw it on and do your makeup, get dressed and more while you curl your hair.


  • At a price point of $42-$52, this baby does retail at a higher cost than most of your Amazon finds.
  • It will not provide perfect curls in comparison to your hot tools.
  • You cannot go about your daily errands in this bad boy unless you like the medieval princess look. In that case, more power to ya!
  • In my opinion, the curling ribbon is best suited for longer haired folks due to the wrap method. Although, the brand does offer a mini version to help out (though currently out of stock).

What is the final verdict?

All in all, was the Heatless Hair curler worth it? Absolutely.

It gave me gorgeous soft waves, minimized my frizz, allowed me to multi-task and was beyond easy to use. Though, you must remember that this review is based on my individual hair type, length and desired style.

Shop the Heatless Hair kit:

Heatless Hair Curler Ribbon, $42-$52

Pink heatless hair curler
Heatless Hair

The kit includes one 100% silk Curling Ribbon, one hair clip, two satin scrunchies and an instructional card. The Curling Ribbon is 34-36″ long and is handmade in Los Angeles. Various colors and designs are available.

More heatless curler options:

Ivyu Hair Roller, $13, original price: $14

Black heatless hair curler

Look forward to one hair curler, two scrunchies, a claw clip and one headband.

Cobinaan Hair Curler, $10 original price: $12

Leopard heatless hair curler

Enjoy a fun printed curler, two scrunchies and three clips.

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