I rock a thong bikini — even though haters give me dirty looks

She’s a bit cheeky.

An influencer from Hawaii is sharing the “dirty looks” she says she receives from other women when she wears a thong bikini on a beach away from home.

Gianna Marie, who boasts 67,000 followers on TikTok, dissed her haters in a viral video last month.

“When Hawai’i girls go to a mainland beach & are getting dirty looks from other women because cheeky thong bikinis aren’t a norm like how it is here,” the content creator wrote on the clip, which attracted more than 15,000 views.

The model and actress, who lives in North Shore, Oahu, called the skimpy swimsuit her “staple piece” in the caption — eliciting a chorus of agreement in the comments.

Gianna Marie on TikTok clapping back at haters who don't like her thong bikinis
Her viral clip has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

Gianna Marie in pink bikini standing on beach in a selfie
The model and actress hails from Hawaii, where cheeky two-pieces are the norm, she said in the video.

Viewers championed the TikToker, assuring her the haters are “just jealous” of her looks.

“At this point the normal ones look like diapers,” one viewer commented.

“No because how are they okay with having full coverage tan lines,” another chimed in.

“Thong bikinis are way more flattering, if they wanna hate let them,” someone else wrote.

“They are just jealous. Start the trend!” encouraged another.

Gianna Marie in a bikini
Viewers championed her looks, claiming haters must be “jealous.”

Gianna Marie holding up a hot pink bikini in a video
The content creator often shares videos featuring her bathing suit collection.

One commenter even shared a personal anecdote, claiming that when she visited Disneyland as a 6-year-old, a stranger told her parents that she looked like a “child prostitute.”

“Mainlanders are weird as f – – k bro,” the user wrote.

The Post has reached out to Marie for comment.

The popular TikToker isn’t the only bikini-clad beauty facing blowback for her beach wear.

In a resurfaced viral video, content creator Harper Kaminski slammed people who stare at her chest when she sports a two-piece.

“When an adult gives me bad looks for wearing a bikini with big boobs,” she wrote on the clip, as viewers jumped to her defense.

Model Jazmyne Day also complained about comments she receives about her M-cup bust, saying people will “laugh and point, or stop and stare,” as if they forget she’s “still a human being.”