Hygiene expert says we’re washing our armpits all wrong

Deodorant can mask the stench of foul armpits, but it doesn’t mean you’re clean.

Mary Futher, also known as Madame Sweat on TikTok, where she educates followers about hygiene, is lamenting that people are not washing their armpits properly.

In a 24-second clip with 2.5 million views this month, she explains why the products people are using aren’t enough.

“If you’re washing your underarms like this, with some tutti-frutti soap, I can guarantee you still have yesterday’s deodorant on your underarms,” she said as she mimicked quickly rubbing her armpits.

The Post reached out to Futher for comment.

Futher has a man she calls “Joey” demonstrate the best way to clean underarms.

Mary Futher, aka Madame Sweat, says people are not washing their armpits properly.

She suggests lathering armpits for 30 seconds to confirm they’re clean.

“We’re here in the shower with Joey, and he’s lathering for 30 seconds,” she notes. “He’s doing it right. Plus, he’s using an antibacterial soap!”

Futher recommends using an antibacterial soap that has apple cider vinegar, salt, and charcoal.

And for those who have underarm hair, “you really gotta get in there to get rid of yesterday’s deodorant,” the hygiene expert adds.

TikTok followers pleaded for recommendations from Futher.

“Do you have any recs for soap?” asked one person. “What are your thoughts on African black soap?”

“I tried antibacterial soap and it burned my armpits,” sighed another.

man showering
She says antibacterial soaps should contain apple cider vinegar, salt, and charcoal.
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Futher advises using Kaia naturals underarm bar and avoiding washcloths because they “tend to harbor a lot of bacteria.”

Meanwhile, some watchers confessed they don’t have an issue with lingering deodorant.

“Plot twist. I don’t wear deodorant,” quipped a jokester. “I don’t use deodorant anymore.”