Hulk’s ex-wife’s cryptic post after he marries, impregnates her niece

Iran Angelo, the ex-wife of Brazilian soccer star Hulk, seemingly reacted to the recent news that her ex is expecting a child with her niece, Camila Angelo.

Last month, Hulk (née Givanildo Vieira de Sousa) and Camila, a doctor, announced her pregnancy in matching posts on Instagram — showing off ultrasound photos together. On Saturday, the couple revealed they’re expecting a baby girl.

That same day, Iran shared a cryptic quote to Instagram about deception.

“Lies and disloyalties are like knives, they cut our flesh, make us bleed, dry up, die a little inside,” she wrote alongside a photo of a clock that read: “Only time has the skill to unmask appearances, reveal lies and show someone’s true character.”

Her caption continued, “But for the one who has God, this dying means being reborn. I am reborn with each disappointment, each lie unveiled, because Jesus made me strong. Thank you Lord, for another deliverance.”

Iran was reportedly married to Hulk for 12 years before he began a relationship with her niece in July 2019. The exes apparently exchanged insults and cheating allegations at one point.

The expectant couple has not responded to speculation that Iran’s post is about them.