How to get through airport security as quickly as possible

A travel expert has shared a tip on how to get through airport security as quickly as possible, without forking out for a premium ticket.

Having already gone through check-in and bag drop, most travelers are desperate to sit down in a bar or browse duty free before they have to board their flight.

Travel expert Nora Dunn has revealed a three-fold hack when it comes to getting through airport security without hanging around too long.

The key to speeding through, she said, is spotting the right queue.

She wrote on Quora: “The magic to clearing airport security is in being in the right line-up.

“Look at the people in line and choose the line with the most business travelers. These people have airport security clearance down to a fine art.

“While you’re standing in line behind them, watch what they do and learn from them. If they’re good, it’s like a dance.”

Nora’s second tip was on which travelers to avoid being in a queue with, and, unsurprisingly, she said it’s best to avoid families with young kids.

She wrote: “If you don’t see a line-up with business travelers, then at least avoid – at all costs – line-ups with families (especially families with small children).

Security agent at an airport check-in gate patting down a bearded casual male passenger with outstretched arms after he passes through the metal detector scanner in the departures hall.
Airport staff claim that you’re more likely to be stopped at airport security if you whistle or yawn.

“They are notoriously, and understandably, slow in sorting their belongings to go through the x-ray machines.”

Her final tip was about the staff working on security.

She said: “Look at the agents and choose the line-up with only one agent at the x-ray machine.

“If there’s more than one person, chances are one of them is a trainee and this line is going to crawl.”

She added: “Once you’ve chosen the right line-up, then it’s important to be on the ball with your liquids easily accessible in a ziploc bag, your laptop and other electronics pulled out, and easy-to-remove shoes and bel.”

Travel experts have revealed that going left at airport security checks could mean you get through faster because most people are right-handed.

Airport staff claim that you’re more likely to be stopped at airport security if you whistle or yawn.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.