Horse hotel lets tourists sleep in a stable for $250 a night

It’s an equistri-inn.

An unorthodox UK hotel is allowing horse lovers to get even closer to their favorite animal — by spending the night with one in a converted stable. And guests are ponying up for the privilege, reports Caters News.

“I am surprised no one has come up with the idea before,” said Tracey Alexander, owner of Black Horses Ltd. in Cartmel, Cumbria, where the “Stable Stays” experience is offered.

For $250 per night, equine enthusiasts stay with either a Friesian horse or Shetland pony in a suped-up horse stall outfitted with a double bed and bunk bed, mini fridge, microwave and an en-suite shower and toilet, per their website.

Meanwhile, Seabiscuit sleeps in an adjacent accommodation with bales of hay and an automated water trough — that’s partially separated with a transparent divider.

But the neigh-cation goes beyond merely sharing a stable and a roll in the hay. Guests are invited to feed their four-legged flatmates from the Black Horse’s feed buckets and brush them using a luxury grooming kit. And if that requires too much effort, grooming and feeding sessions can even be accomplished from the comfort of the visitor’s bunk.

Stable Stays
Stable Stays

Alexander says “Stable Stays” was inspired by her childhood “books about people who let their little Shetland ponies in to sleep on their bed.”

Naturally, some might balk at the idea of bunking with a massive barn animal. However, the horse-loving hotelier claims that “the breeding of Friesian horses is very closely monitored and they are known for being very people orientated, friendly.” Although she warns that their Shetland pony can “be a bit nibbly sometimes.”

An inside look at one of the converted rooms at Stable Stays.
An inside look at one of the converted rooms at Stable Stays.Stable Stays

Since the animals’ nocturnal noises can make it difficult to get shut-eye, Alexander warns potential guests that “horses don’t sleep like we do. They’re up and down during the night and can often be heard wandering around and munching away.”

Yes, the hotel does “offer ear plugs — but people don’t come here for a full night’s sleep. They come for a unique and magical experience.” 

Black Horses Ltd. isn’t the only institution to offer an interspecies sleepover. This swanky UK resort allows visitors to spend the night in a luxuriant suite surrounded by lions, tigers and bears.