Hairdresser reveals the 8 most ‘annoying’ customer habits

They’re mad over the shear audacity of these behaviors.

Trimming people’s locks is difficult enough on its own, however some clients can make it a nightmare of hair-tearing proportions.

Fed-up UK hairdressers have revealed the eight most “annoying things customers do at the hair salon” in a video PSA with over 1.8 million views on TikTok.

In the advisory, posted by Iconic Hair Dressing, two unnamed salon artists can be seen imitating what they deem are the most irritating types of clients.

These include the “hair flipper,” who reportedly keeps tossing their hair back while it’s being styled, thereby making the hairdresser have to start over each time like a tufty tug-of-war.

A subgenus of this are the customers who constantly adjust their position while the client is trying to wash or shear their mane.

Also making the cut is the “intense watcher,” defined in the clip as someone who makes eye contact with the dresser as they’re washing their hair a la salon peeping tom.

This unsettling behavior is perhaps only outdone by the “one who thinks they’re being drowned,” per the video.

Accompanying footage shows the mock-client flailing about in the sink like they’re being waterboarded.

A hairdresser pretends to be a smartphone addict.
The smartphone addict.

Smartphones might’ve infiltrated every facet of life from family time to sex, however the hairdressers shamed clients who are glued to the screen during their cut.

Other ways to earn oneself a scarlet letter at the salon, per the clip, include running off before the cut or wash is complete and being a “drama queen” about their new ‘do.

Rounding out the barbershop octet of no-nos is the “I’ll do it myself” client. These DIY stylists insist on combing, styling and otherwise adjusting their doo, thereby seemingly defeating the purpose of going to a hair salon.

Haircutters role play as their most reviled types of clients.
The intense watcher.

While the clip resonated with some viewers, it also sparked a veritable riot among others, who felt they were being unfairly salon-shamed.

“I hate water on my face and in my ears. I will wipe it away if I want,” declared one indignant viewer of the shear audacity of the clip.

Another wrote, “The Adjuster?? ya that bowl is hard…Imma gonna adjust.”

One disgruntled gawker fumed, “I’m not gonna sit there while someone gets water in my ears. I’m paying for the service I don’t want an ear infection.”

One viewer even blamed the so-called annoying habits on the haircutter. “My guess people do all those things because of a stylist not doing a good washing or brushing etc,” they postulated.

A hairdresser demonstrates a taboo behavior.
Hairdressers don’t appreciate the epic flail.

Meanwhile, some comment section rebels reciprocated by listing the most “annoying” hairstylist habits.

“What hairdressers do to annoy customer. Top of my list: constant conversation with others, and paying no attention to what they are doing to me,” griped one commenter.

“How about the stylist who always combs my ears?” protested another.

Another commenter listed: “burning of scalp with hairdryer, long freaking nails pulling at my hair and styling my hair so it looks daggy [untidy], deliberately I think.”

“When the hair dresser is nosey about my life. Just do my hair!!!” cried another.

A hairdresser demonstrates "the runner."
A hairdresser demonstrates “the runner.”

Hairdressers are just a few of the workers taking to TikTok to complain about certain patrons.

Last week, a McDonald’s worker rattled off his least favorite customer habits, which included asking if the fries were hot, ordering cheeseburgers with no cheese, and wondering where their orders are despite the employee calling them out multiple times.