Flight attendant shares top safety tricks to do before entering your hotel room

A flight attendant has revealed the one thing she does whenever she stays at a hotel to stay safe.

The unnamed woman shared her safety tips on Mumsnet, claiming to have been a member of cabin crews for more than a decade.

Whenever she stays at a hotel, she said, she always knocks on the door before entering, even if you think you are the only one with a key card — and use the door chain even when getting changed.

She explained: “I used to be a flight attendant [and] spent more than my fair share of nights alone in hotels.

“It is not uncommon for hotels to accidentally double-book your room.

“I have woken up many times to someone opening my door with an electronic key that was programmed for my room.

“I learned to dress and sleep with the chain on the door at all times.

“I also knocked before trying my key because I have walked in on things I didn’t need to ever see.”

There are other ways to check if your hotel room is safe too.

Always knock before entering - and get dressed with your chain on.
Always knock before entering — and get dressed with your chain on.
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YouTube user LockPickingLawyer warned guests to look out for issues such “locks installed backwards or upside down,” so they can alert the hotel about the potential risk to their personal belongings.

Other things that could cause problems are “incorrect strike plates,” which are what go on the inside of the door frame surrounding the latch.

If these are not fitted correctly, the door could easily be opened.

Lots of travelers said they travel with a £1 door stop too, to give their hotel room extra security when staying the night.

A former hotel worker also said you should never carry around the key card pocket you are given when you check in.

Justin Aldrich, who worked at hotels for more than seven years, said guests who lose their key card wallet, which has the room number on it, put their belongings at risk.

This is because anyone could pick it up and go straight to the room — which can’t happen if you just drop the key.

This article originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced here with permission.