Eric Dier climbs 20 rows to confront Tottenham fan abusing brother - Breaking News

Eric Dier climbs 20 rows to confront Tottenham fan abusing brother

Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier climbed into the stands to confront a fan in a physical altercation following the team’s FA Cup loss to Norwich on Wednesday.

Footage posted on social media showed Dier going up into a section of home supporters, climbing over approximately 20 rows of seats and confronting a fan, before being escorted away by stewards.

According to The Sun, the fan had been insulting Dier throughout the game and when Dier’s brother tried to quiet him, an altercation ensued.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho confirmed Dier’s brother was involved following the penalty shootout loss, but added that the England international was wrong to seek out the confrontation.

“I think Eric Dier did something we professionals cannot do, but he did something that we would all do,” Mourinho said at his post-game news conference. “I think Eric did what we as professionals cannot do but when someone insults you and your family is involved, especially your younger brother. This person insulted Eric, the younger brother was not happy with the situation and Eric was not happy. But we as professionals cannot do what he did.”

Dier, according to the tabloid, has two younger brothers and three sisters. Mourinho said he would not want the club to take action against Dier, but added that “he did wrong.” Mourinho was also critical of the fans.

“The people that are in these privileged positions by the tunnel,” Mourinho said.

“Of course some are Tottenham fans but I think a lot of corporate, a lot of invitation, a lot of people with special status and probably it’s the place of the stadium where I sometimes have doubts over if they are the real Tottenham fans because these are the ones who support the boys until the last.”

Norwich knocked out Tottenham 3-2 on penalties after the round-of-16 game finished 1-1 following extra time.

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