David and Victoria Beckham’s spicy astrological compatibility

Bend it like the Beckhams.

Damn. Can a couple be any better looking?! One would think that David and Victoria Beckham — who have been together for more than two decades — are two humans lifted straight out of a fantasy epic. Like, they can’t be real, right? Oh, yes, my friends. They are — and their heartfelt and incredibly “normal” relationship is what makes them even more charming.

With a family who will also be devastatingly good looking, the retired soccer star and his pop princess-turned-fashionista have continued living life to the fullest — while baring it all (well, almost).

Was their connection always written in the stars and what lies ahead for this globally beloved couple? Join me as we take a deep dive into their love story because I’m a pop culture astrologer and that’s what I do!

The Beckhams
The Beckhams are a match made in heaven.

David Beckham’s birth chart shows he’s a man of integrity

David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975. This makes him a hardworking Taurus sun with a practical Capricorn moon. While we do not have his exact time of birth — nor do we have Victoria’s — to determine their ascendants, we will focus on what we do know, which is still a lot.

David’s chart is significantly composed of two elements — earth and air. He is a man who is inherently intellectual and logical and who can very quickly take action. Great for soccer (a k a football), eh? He thrives on fast-paced energy and also has excellent decision-making skills that do not need to be based in emotional realms for him to see how to strategically move forward. Two planets also rise up as extremely significant in his birth chart — Mars and Saturn. These planets are very stereotypically masculine. His sun, ruling his life force, is in a powerful angle to both of these planets, giving him a tremendously determined, confident and active nature. Oh — and his Mars and Saturn also work in perfect alignment, helping him to have great resources of physical vitality and concentration. (I mean, can you imagine their sex life?! TBH, I’m surprised they don’t have more kids…) BDE times 100.

While he has divinely blessed looks with Venus and Mars connected, David’s Saturn energy brings him a silent confidence that shows he likes attention, but he actually prefers to be more reserved and let his partner be the more commanding and dramatic one in the public eye. I mean, the dude married a freaking Spice Girl. Another fascinating part of his birth chart shows that as much as yes, he has cosmic fortune smiling upon him, he was destined to reach more accomplishments and fame as he grew, whereas when he was younger, he was entirely focused on reaching a place where he could truly find a stable base of innate personal self-confidence.

David and Victoria Beckham
Going strong for decades, David and Victoria Beckham have been aligned from the moment they met.
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Victoria Beckham’s birth chart reveals she’s as spicy as you can imagine

Victoria Beckham was born on April 17, 1974. This makes her a fiery Aries sun with a social Aquarius moon. Her chart is composed significantly of fire and air elemental energy — which means that she burns hot and enjoys life to be a bit of a whirlwind. If adventure isn’t before her, she’ll end up stirring the pot! Surprisingly, the same alignment between her sun and her Mars and Saturn also takes place, just like David. She’s immensely creative, passionate and determined. However, the fact that she can balance her emotions and mind easily reveals she’s well adjusted and innately has a very stable personality.

While she may be a bit of a diva — and yes, there’s certainly feisty energy there, the posh vibes you’d expect from her is there in spades. Her Venus, ruling beauty, is perfectly united with her Jupiter, bringing her a refined and opulent physicality and presentation. She may not be the most practical of the two, as she’s certainly a bit more of a dreamer than her hubby, but she brings a dazzling and sophisticated flair to the pair that pushes David out of his comfort zone. She’s unafraid to be eccentric and can be immensely strong-willed, and her love of freedom and new ideas resonates to the core of her soul. She’s a force to be reckoned with — that’s for sure.

Are David and Victoria Beckham astrologically compatible?

Shocker, but yes, David and Victoria Beckham are super cosmically compatible. There is so much natural affinity between them that of course when they met, they locked each other down. My compatibility rating for them is 8 out of 10. Surprised it’s not higher? Well, let me explain.

Jupiter and Uranus are extremely active in their compatibility chart — as well as, obviously, Venus and Mars. First and foremost, with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and benevolence, dancing between both of their charts so sweetly, this is a union that is blessed with eternal growth. They amplify one another’s strengths and positive habits and know when to lead or to follow. Swoon! They can apply this majestic energy to one another’s united goals and win big every time. Uranus, the planet of surprise and also chaos, is aspected between them, too. This reveals that they can both supply a positive amount of spontaneity to one another that keeps the relationship refreshing and inventive. They open one another’s eyes, which is exactly what they both have always wanted — and got. However, as much as things are in their favor, they do have some friction around how they communicate their emotions. Over time they have likely learned how to handle that — with David doing his best to not be too stubborn and Victoria doing her best to not be so combative or emotional.

Moving onto Venus and Mars — wow! Their sex life is insane. But beyond that, it shows that they truly are a cosmic pairing. David’s Venus is in the exact same place as Victoria’s Mars, while David’s Mars is in the exact same place as Victoria’s Venus. This is a true love union that blends intimacy, connection and passion. Talk about a couple who knows how to build a commitment and also work together no matter what.

The Beckhams red carpet
The Beckhams have exciting things ahead.
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What lies ahead for David and Victoria Beckham?

Spoiler alert: David and Victoria have some very sweet and fun years ahead of them. While their biggest professional milestones and destined career victories are essentially behind them, they have a whole world of fun and adventure at their disposal. In the summer of 2022, Victoria will feel a renewed sense of excitement for life and begin to debut many new ideas, visions and plans that she wants to pursue in the decade ahead. David will follow her lead, which he often does “when she gets like this,” except the only place he doesn’t follow her lead is the bedroom.

David will spend much of 2022 thinking deeply about his sense of fulfillment, while also desiring to work more closely with his buddies and pals all over the world. This sense of camaraderie will likely expand their financial empire in big ways, a lot of which is behind-the-scenes. Next year will smile even more so on the both of them, as they recommit to their relationship and pave out a newfound path they would like to build toward in the many years to come. While the second half of 2022 could bring some friction between them — particularly around communication issues and around money — I do think they’ll slip past that with ease with a very convincing big OYou heard it here first.

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