Dad busted for moving away from family for ‘kid free flight’

Don’t mess with a TikTok mom.

A traveling dad was caught red handed — and later dragged mercilessly on social media — after taking advantage of a fellow passenger’s kindness on a recent plane journey, in order to grant himself the gift of a “kid-free flight.”

Kristine Sostar McLellan’s offer to swap seats with the man came after she witnessed the unchivalrous husband’s spouse struggling with bags in another row — all while while he remained comfortably seated.

“I just said ‘oh sir would you like to be with your family?’ Like, it was an obvious offer,” recalled Sostar McLellan, who posted a clip of the encounter that has now been viewed nearly 5 million times.

The pusillanimous pop accepted — but what came next shocked the content creator, who goes by @one_toughmother, and left her reaching for her phone to take video.

The man sent the child who had been sitting with him to sit back with his mother and sibling in the now-open seat, inviting the woman to take her new spot, leaving her flabbergasted — and reaching for her smartphone to document the domestic travesty.

“Why didn’t [I] rescind the offer? I f–king wish I did! I was still stunned…I just didn’t know what to say,” she said. “I think it’s perfectly fair to put this situation on blast.”

“He enjoyed a kid-free flight,” she fumed.

In a lengthy follow up post, the ticked-off TikToker explained that the mom and her child were seated at 7F and &E, while she was in the aisle at 7, opposite to her own kids on the other side of of the aisle. The dad was relaxing in Row 6.

“This guy’s yelling back at her, he’s yelling and asking for things,” Sostar McLellan recalled of the moment she realized it was a family split among multiple rows.

Many in the comments were fast to bury the offender.

Kristine Sostar McLellan explained her anger at the dad in detail online.
Kristine Sostar McLellan explained her anger at the dad in detail online.

“If my husband was like that we would be divorced before landing,” one user wrote.

“I appreciate my husband more and more everyday he would NEVER,” added another.

When some commenters pointed out that the other kid would be seated alone, had the dad moved Sostar McLellan responded, saying “the only reasonable option in this situation was for him to say ‘no thank you.’”

And while some suggested that there was a double standard had it been the mom sitting alone, Sostar McLellan said, “would [other moms] be upset if the roles were reversed? Yeah.”

This news comes shortly after a couple pushed their kid back into coach so they could enjoy business class seats — a move that sparked its own share of controversy.