Coco Chanel’s former ‘love nest’ discovered in utter decay

This famous estate is badly in danger of crumbling — but one urban explorer has documented its decayed interior for posterity.

In the 1920s, legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel and her lover, the 2nd Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor, used to cozy up at Rosehall Estate, a luxe Scottish summer home owned by the duke.

The chateau was used as a “love nest” by Chanel and Grosvenor, who carried on a years-long affair, often at the mansion. The couple spent summers fishing and hunting around the 700-acre estate and hosted visitors including Winston Churchill. The mansion featured huge cast iron fireplaces, ornate furniture and other glamorous finishings designed by Chanel herself.

But after decades of abandon, the mansion is now in a shocking state of disrepair, video footage from urban explorer and South Yorkshire-based salesman Matt Nadin shows.

Nadin captured its present, dilapidated shape on the eve of what could be a major renovation: This year, it was purchased for an undisclosed price after moldering for four years on the market. It was previously listed for about $3.9 million, and set to be turned into a luxury hotel.

Nadin, 40, posted footage inside the space to his YouTube channel, where he often posts footage of himself exploring abandoned and historic spaces.

“This is somewhere I have really wanted to get into for a while. I went when it was raining because I thought there was less chance of people being outside and less chance of being caught,” Nadin, who explored the property while recently on vacation with his family, told Caters. “Some of the rooms were absolutely massive. Some of the windows must have been 15 feet tall, but it was riddled with damp and the walls were full of cracks.”

Nadin also found bottles of beer and sherry, a dusty chaise lounge, a pair of old skis, a horse-drawn fire-engine cart, an ancient range cooker and, naturally, plenty of ghosts.

“It was fascinating wondering which room Coco Chanel would have slept in and the wild parties that would have gone on. The history of the place is just crazy,” he said. “Coco Chanel came here before the war and spent a lot of time living here. These were her glory days, and it’s crazy to think who might have walked into that building before me. It’s just a real shame that it’s in the state it is now.”

Nadin believes the hotel conversion plans have fallen through, but maintains hope that some developer will one day take enough interest in the estate to restore it to its former glory.

“It’s a wonderful place, and I really hope someone comes along to save it,” he said.