British twins speak out after crocodile battle in Mexico

The British twins who fought off a hungry crocodile in Mexico are speaking out about the terrifying incident — which left one of the women battling for her life.

Melissa and Georgia Laurie, 28, were on an around-the-world trip when they journeyed with an apparently illegal guide to a lagoon about 10 miles from the popular resort of Puerto Escondido last weekend.

Melissa Laurie swam out into the river — and right into trouble, Georgia told The UK Sun.

“No one warned us there were crocodiles there at all. We hadn’t been drinking, there was no alcohol involved. We were just there for a chill-out,” she said.

“I didn’t know what was happening but I swam towards her,” said Georgia, who described how she spotted the 7-foot beast suddenly pulling her sister underwater.

“I saw her getting jerked around and I saw a croc’s head which was about 2-feet long. The croc swam off, but kept coming back. That’s when it grabbed her by the leg and got her in a death roll. She went round and round and it was trying to drag her away.

Melissa and Georgia Laurie.
Georgia Laurie swam out into the water to save her sister’s life.

“…I punched it in the nose with both fists and it felt hard, like hitting a table, but it scared it off.”

“I was pounding it, and that’s when it grabbed me and bit my arm. I bashed it with the other hand and it let me go,” she said.

“That happened three times.”

Georgia Laurie said the fierce fight “seemed to go on a long time, but adrenalin had kicked in.”

Melissa Laurie was placed into a medically induced coma while dealing with sepsis.
Melissa Laurie was placed into a medically induced coma while dealing with sepsis but has since woken up.

Their screams drew the attention of another tourist boat, which rescued them from the water, and revealed the extent of her sister’s injuries, Georgia said.

“She had puncture wounds everywhere but wasn’t bleeding out. She was drifting in and out of consciousness. The thing that worried me was she was coughing up blood and saying, ‘I’m drowning, I’m drowning’. It was scary, and she screamed, too.

“I thought of how I had seen her face down in the water for a long time, so I was worried how much water she had swallowed,” she told The Sun.

Georgia had bite marks and cuts to her right hand and wrist, and scratches on her legs — while Melissa had a fractured wrist, cuts on her stomach and life threatening sepsis.

“The doctors were worried about that and they were worried about her lungs because they thought she may have got pneumonia from an infection. I had to sign some papers saying treatment could go ahead, which included an induced coma. That was scary, because it seemed touch and go.”

Georgia Laurie said the sisters want to continue traveling the world.
Georgia Laurie said the sisters want to continue traveling the world.

Melissa Laurie later woke up from the coma, and the pair are hoping she can recover enough in Mexico for them to continue their trip around the world, Georgia told the outlet.

When she woke up, Melissa asked what had happened, later telling a reporter, “I am extremely grateful that I came out of this alive, and that I had Georgia fight my side for me. So I am very happy for that.”

“We’re definitely not going to end our world tour. We want to continue. I can recover well here and so can she,” said Georgia, who laughed off her heroics and quipped, “I’m like Crocodile Dundee!”