Armbrust KN95 and N95 masks are 30% off for holiday travel

Pack your bags — and your masks — because it’s finally time for some long-delayed holiday traveling.

After almost two years of COVID travel restrictions, canceled flights and Zoom holiday gatherings spent apart, many are finally ready to reunite — safely, that is.

First and foremost, getting the vaccine and boosters when eligible is of vital importance for a safe and happy holiday season. Then, as always, it’s time for masks to step in to protect us and our loved ones.

Armbrust wants to help us in that mission, offering their wide selection of USA-made surgical masks, KN95 Masks, and N95 respirators to The Post readers at an amazing 30% off discount. Use code NYP30 at checkout to get in on the deal and then stock up for holiday travel season, cold and flu weather and the winter ahead.

While it may be easy to turn to fast, overseas retailers on Amazon and the like, those masks may not actually be the safest, especially when you are over at grandma’s house or visiting with the new baby cousins. A USA-made mask is your best bet, and not only for filtration and breathability but for delivery speed and accountability too.

A woman wearing a white duck-bill shaped face mask

Armbrust is a one-stop-shop for such masks, as they not only sell masks manufactured in the USA, but ones that also source the raw materials from America, too. After that, the masks take a trip into their state-of-the-art testing machine to check for filtration effectiveness, making sure all surgical, KN95, KF9F and N95 masks indeed filter out the bare minimum of 95% of particles from the air (in which they pass with flying colors at around 99% for some of their stock.)

Filtration is key, especially when loading the family into a crowded airplane, train or automobile on the way to winter travel destinations. However, another key component is breathability, as what good is a mask if you can’t wear it comfortably and end up removing it?

A mask needs to not only fit your lifestyle but also your face and comfort needs. With the holiday travel season coming up, one of the masks recommended for long plane rides and extended travel are the duck-bill shaped N95 masks, as they allow for plenty of room to breathe while also maintaining a tight and secure seal around your cheeks, nose and mouth.

As seen in the video with this duck-bill shaped Gerson N95 mask, the testing process proved that the mask filtered out 96.9% of particles, which is well above standards, all while remaining breathable and comfortable for long trips.

“This is the most breathable mask I have ever seen,” said Lloyd Armbrust, founder of Armbrust, in the video. They are currently buying up and testing every mask they can get their hands on, releasing a new video on their channel at 10 a.m. daily.

To make sure the whole family is protected, Armbrust also sells kid’s surgical face masks and kids KN95 masks, which have been hard to come by recently due to supply chain issues around the world. Since they don’t need to worry about outsourcing materials or product from overseas, getting your child breathable and secure masks is no issue, and many are in stock now in time for the NYP30 30% off promotion.