Ariana Grande pairs with ‘Drag Race’ star Gottmik in makeup video

This is a duo we need to see “Side to Side” more often.

Ariana Grande showcased some makeup looks from her beauty line R.E.M. in a YouTube video with “Rupaul’s Drag Race” star Gottmik.

The “Thank U, Next” singer first appeared in a fresh-faced look with just a light base, laughing alongside the drag star and makeup artist as they struggled to come up with an intro without bursting into giggles.

Gottmik started the 28-year-old beauty’s “draggy drag” makeover with the R.E.M. Babydoll Midnight Shadows Eyeshadow Palette in Babydoll ($24), which Grande said was her “everyday one.”

Gottmik and Ariana Grande applying makeup.
“It’s giving berry eater,” Gottmik said after Grande applied her brand’s lip stain marker.

“I feel like you need the pony,” the pop star said, encouraging Gottmik — who did makeup professionally for Paris Hilton, Cindy Crawford, Tinashe and more before appearing on Season 13 of “Drag Race” — to add a black high-ponytailed wig to his look before continuing the video.

She added being on the road “was a great time to test things on stage.”

After Gottmik added the R.E.M. Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow in Comet ($16) to Grande’s look, she returned the favor by brushing on the brand’s Interstellar Highlighter Topper in Mess Mercury ($22) on his cheeks — and even though she created the line, the chart-topper gasped at the results.

“Wow,” she said, adding “that was a genuine reaction.”

Ariana Grande and Gottmik in black outfits, laughing and applying makeup.
The pair added black dresses at the end of the video, showing off their glam makeup looks.

Grande shared that she wanted a makeup collection that was something she’d be proud to wear herself. “A lot of the products I was like, I want this so that I can use it.”

Gottmik shared a clip on his Instagram account, adding a sweet caption congratulating the singer on her new makeup line.

“The amount of time effort and love she put into this collection is BEYOND and I’m so excited to show you guys how we play with it!!” he said, adding “So proud of you gorge love you SM.”

We love to see a beautiful friendship.