Antifa hits the soccer field with its own league in Portland - Breaking News

Antifa hits the soccer field with its own league in Portland

Antifa is taking a break from its usual goal of combating fascism on the long-suffering streets of Portland — to instead tackle each other in its very own soccer league.

The newly formed Antifa FC, or football club, recently posted fliers to get at least four teams of seven “comrades” to confront each other for an inaugural match night in the troubled Oregon city at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

The league’s logo is a soccer player performing an athletic overhead bicycle kick superimposed over Antifa’s trademark “Iron Front” symbol of three arrows pointing down to the left.

“Get f—ing ready. Grab your cleats and your gas mask,” one of the local Antifa chapters to sign up, Blunt Bloc PDX, tweeted of its excitement.

“Just kidding,” it added of the riot-gear reference — admitting, “I think.”

The chance to take shots for the cause quickly gained fans, with 88 wannabe soccer stars signing up to get their kicks, Antifa FC said — a bizarre choice given that the number is widely used by white supremacists to represent the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler.” H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Players were assured that their desire to defund the police would not put them at risk of harm, with Portland Antifa FC tweeting that it will “have people keeping watch around the perimeter to make sure this stays a safe event.”

“Stay safe, Stay Dangerous, watch some soccer and Nutmeg a Nazi,” the group said.

Organizers warned that Antifa’s anarchistic loathing of authority could only go so far once on the field, however.

Antifa in Portland, Oregon organize a soccer league at Duniway Field
Antifa in Portland, Oregon, organize a soccer league at Duniway Field.

“We have a ref and you better be nice to them plz,” the league said — with some members tweeting that “all refs are b—ards,” a joking reference to its widely used attack on “all cops,” often shortened to ACAB.

While the league starts this week in Portland, other riot-torn cities need not feel left out.

“Seattle, we after u bb,” Antifa FC vowed in one Instagram post.