All the Info on National Geographic’s New Travel Show

Disney+ is home to a whole lot of franchises—from Marvel to Star Wars to National Geographic. That’s partly why the title of the new Disney+ series Rogue Trip is kinda like an ink blot test for your interests. You hear the phrase “Rogue Trip on Disney+” and you may picture a spinoff of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Or maybe you think Disney’s finally turning Rogue’s cross-country road trip with Iceman from mid-’90s X-Men comics into a limited series. As rad as those two ideas sound, neither is correct! Rogue Trip is something else entirely—but it’s equally adventures and totally real.

Rogue Trip is a new National Geographic travel series with a twist. But who are the hosts of Rogue Trip on Disney+? And which countries does Rogue Trip feature? And why is the show called Rogue Trip to begin with, aside from the obvious play on “road trip”? Here are your answers!

What is Rogue Trip on Disney+?

Rogue Trip is a six-episode travel docuseries that drops Bob Woodruff and his son Mack in some of the most unexpected—and most unexpectedly beautiful—locations on Earth. These aren’t the usual tourist destinations, like France or Spain or China. These are nations that have, for the most part, unfairly earned unfavorable reputations. They are, as the show puts it, roguish nations (hence, Rogue Trip).

Who are the Rogue Trip hosts?

Rogue Trip is hosted by Bob Woodruff and his son Mack Woodruff. Bob Woodruff is most known for his career as a journalist with ABC News, where he’s been since 1996. He co-anchored ABC World News Tonight from 2005 to 2006, until he was critically injured in an explosion from an IED in Iraq. Woodruff was kept in a medically induced coma for 36 days, and his recovery process lasted the rest of 2006. He returned to ABC News in February 2007, and he launched the Bob Woodruff Foundation to help injured veterans and their families.

National Geographic's Rogue Trip hosts Bob Woodruff and Mack Woodruff in car
Photo: Disney+

Woodruff co-hosts the show with his son Mack, who works as a freelance photographer all around the globe. You can see photos from his journeys through some of the locations featured in Rogue Trip on his personal website.

What are the Rogue Trip filming locations?

During the course of Season 1, Bob and Mack Woodruff travel to Ethiopia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and Ukraine

Is there a trailer for Rogue Trip on Disney+?

You bet there is.

Rogue Trip arrives on Disney+ on Friday, July 24.